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The rain gods go together! Max Verstappen's Dutch hometown three-peat

The rain god baptized the Dutch Grand Prix. The weather brought huge challenges to the drivers, not only testing the tire use strategy, but also affecting the time and position. (Provided by Red-_Bull)

The Red Bull team started the second half of the season with another victory! The summer break is over, and the F1 Dutch Grand Prix will be held on the evening of the 27th Taiwan time. Dutch driver Max Verstappen made history for the Red Bull team in his hometown. Fearless of the rain, Max won the Dutch Grand Prix for three consecutive years, tying Sebastian Vettel's single A record of 9 consecutive victories in a season.

The god of rain came to the Dutch Grand Prix. The weather brought great challenges to the drivers and tested the impact of tire use strategy, timing and position. When the shower hit the track, the race was even suspended and the start was delayed due to the heavy rain. Max Verstappen remained in good hands on the slippery Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands, ahead of Aston Martin's Fernando Alonso and Alpine's Pierre Gasly before heading into nowhere, unaffected by pouring rain, to claim his 11th of the season champion.

At the Dutch Grand Prix, Max-Verstappen drove the RB19 ahead of second-placed Fernando-Alonso and Red-Bull team-mate Sergio-Perez. (Provided by Red-_Bull)

To share the joy of victory with car fans, Red Bull will launch the "Speed ​​Challenge" from now until October 6, inviting the public to play racing games. The fastest driver in Taiwan will win the 2024 Red Bull Exclusive Speed ​​Race Tour - Melbourne Stand up and watch the bloody competition up close! Details:

Rain showers hit the Dutch Grand Prix circuit, but Max-Verstappen managed to hold off the heavy rain and won his 11th championship of the season. (Provided by Red-_Bull)

Max Verstappen once again showed the domineering strength of the king, but his teammate Sergio Pérez fell behind after a short lead. He was penalized for 5 seconds for a speeding violation and retreated to fourth. Sergio Pérez pointed out: "In the end it was a very unfortunate afternoon. The first choice was correct, but when it came time to change tires, things went from bad to worse, the sudden rain caused a delayed judgment, and when I went into the pit lane to change to the middle The whole area was flooded with rain, the car lost grip and a slight skid sent me over the speed limit, it's a shame not to be able to achieve that."

"I never thought that the huge achievement of winning nine games in a row could be achieved!" Max Verstappen, who once again won the Dutch championship, said that he could not make an easy decision in such weather. The game was very difficult, and he had to overcome the pressure and win the game It's not easy. Especially "It's even more amazing that I can be in my hometown in the Netherlands! I got goosebumps when the national anthem was played before the Grand Prix, and it's even more special to share the victory with all the fans in my hometown!" Everyone in the audience was wet, but still Listen to music, dance, and share a winning moment.

Dutch Grand Prix winner Max-Verstappen and second place Fernando-Alonso exchanged champagne on the podium to celebrate. (Provided by Red-_Bull)

Chief executive and team principal Christian Horner also appreciated that the rain was intermittent throughout the race, but the Max performed well in the complex conditions. Returning to the track after the first stop, he was able to maintain the lead and take full control of the situation. We knew there was going to be heavy rain at the end of the race, "When you're in the first position, you face every possible risk, but Max did a great job on the restart and took the first place with a good driving technique."

Compared with Sergio Pérez's regret that he could not get on the podium, Christian Horner pointed out: "Checo (Sergio Pérez) made a good choice at the beginning of the race and once took the lead, but in the next round of stops, with the track It started to dry out and we had to pit Max. For the sake of the team, we made the overall response decision, it's a pity that Checo couldn't stand on the podium, but in such a dramatic and tense race, it allows us to reflect on the team's decision."

Feel the speed together! Red-Bull has created a racing game that allows players to race in Max-Verstappen-'s RB19 virtual car. (Provided by Red-_Bull)

The start of the second half of the season is still unstoppable! Verstappen won his 11th championship of the season in his hometown as he wished, and set a record of 9 consecutive victories. Next, he will welcome the Italian Grand Prix on September 3.

In order to allow racing fans to simultaneously experience the thrill of running on the track, Red Bull has created a racing game. Players only need to control the accelerator button of the mobile phone with one hand, and they can drive Max Verstappen's RB19 virtual car on the track to create achievements together. From now until October 6th, the fastest lap in the game can be continuously challenged, and the fastest driver in Taiwan will win the 2024 Red Bull exclusive racing experience trip-Melbourne Station, and watch the F1 race up close. Buy Red Bull through the channel and log in the invoice online, and then draw limited products around the Red Bull team.

The F1 Dutch Grand Prix kicked off on the evening of the 27th Taiwan time. The Dutch driver Max-Verstappen made history for the Red-Bull team to win the championship three times in his hometown. (Provided by Red-_Bull)

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