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The reincarnation of the Royal Lounge? Alphard "Super VIP Standard 4-seater" limited to 100 units!

table of contents
Alphard sets a 4-seater limited model
●Reincarnation of Royal Lounge?
●Features of Spacious Lounge
●The price is higher than 15 million yen?
●Announcement & order taking in late July

Alphard sets a 4-seater limited-edition model

Current Alphard

Toyota's flagship station wagon "Alphard" is limited to 100 concept cars nationwide.

Its name is "Spacious Lounge", the number of passengers is four, and it is only for the driver, co-pilot, and two passengers in the back seat. The general model is 7 or 8 people, so it can be known that this car has quite a lot of space for each person.

Below is the detailed information of Spacious Lounge.

The reincarnation of the Royal Lounge?

Alphard Royal Lounge

Speaking of the Alphard 4-seater concept car, it is reminiscent of the "Royal Lounge" sold by Modellista in 2015 and 2017.

Let's talk about the Royal Lounge with a similar concept while imagining the specifications of Spacious Lounge.

The interior of the Alphard Royal Lounge

Both the Royal Lounge and the Spacious Lounge introduced this time are 4-seater concept cars fully loaded with luxury equipment. It features a Japanese-style design that blends everywhere.

The interior of the 4-seater Spacious Lounge should look similar to the picture.

The interior of the Alphard Royal Lounge

The front and rear seats of the Royal Lounge are separated into two independent spaces by a partition, and the front and rear seats cannot talk. This is designed with privacy in mind, preventing the driver from hearing some inconvenient external conversations. In addition, there are also models with large LCD screens installed on the partitions.

Judging from the above equipment, it can be seen that the target audience of the Royal Lounge is not families, but the car models for public institutions and companies with a driver as the main customer.

It's unclear if there will be booths or TVs as there is no TV in the Spacious Lounge's equipment list.

Features of Spacious Lounge

Base Executive Lounge S

Spacious Lounge is based on the current Alphard Aero Body's top standard "Executive Lounge S(hybrid)". It is speculated that the appearance will be designed to be rough and windy.

The car is equipped with many special equipment not found on the Executive Lounge S to achieve a high-level interior space.

The Royal Lounge is being produced by Modellista, and it's unclear who will run the Spacious Lounge. It is speculated that it is very likely to be produced by Modellista.

Fewer interior and exterior colors

The body color is only White pearl crystal shine (070) and Black (202).

The interior color is only black, and the seat material is the same as the Executive Lounge with premium nappa leather seats.

Use a variety of luxury equipment

There is no sliding function for the table and third-row seats. In addition, since the structure of the rear seat is very different, a special carpet is used.

The main equipment is as follows.

. Added USB socket × 2 (it is not clear whether it is A or C)

.double sunroof

.Rear seat centralized control touch panel

.Smartphone Holder

. Reading light (installed on the roof)

.rear seat vanity mirror

. HDMI connector

.Cold storage

. Multi-function trays on both sides of the floor (non-rear seat tables)

.Special carpet

Is the price higher than 15 million yen?

At present, the price of Spacious Lounge has not been announced. According to the lowest price of Royal Lounge in 2017 exceeding 15 million yen, the price of Spacious Lounge should not be too different.

The price of the base model Executive Lounge S is 7.421 million yen, and the price of the Spacious Lounge is more than twice that of the car.

If the price is higher than 15 million yen, the number of people who can buy it should be limited.

Publishing & receiving orders in late July


The Alphard Spacious Lounge is expected to be released in late July 2022, with orders open at the same time.

It is a limited concept car that can be called the Toyota version of "Lexus LM". If you have the spare capacity to buy it, please refer to it.

Original source:The Royal Lounge is back? Alphard "4-seater super VIP specification" is now available in a limited number of 100 units!
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