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The return of German Lightning is imminentA thorough analysis of Opel's introduction of car models

Since Master Win Group announced in mid-June this year that it has obtained the agency rights of Opel cars in Taiwan, the German Lightning brand, which has been in violation of the domestic market for 10 years, has once again become the focus of the car industry, and it can also be roughly scrutinized from the previous press releases issued by the industry. To come up with the planning strategy for the introduction of future car models, let us take stock of the current Opel family car series, and analyze the sequence and probability of their introduction into the domestic market.

1、Opel Mokka

Import chance: 100%

Opel Mokka Introduce Chance: 100%

I believe that readers who are paying attention to the news of the Opel brand should have heard the news that the first batch of new cars will be Mokka and Grandland. Big picture, at the same time, the press release also emphasizes that Opel has obtained abundant resources in joining the Stellantis Automobile Group, and is following the group's strategy towards electrification, and the industry believes that domestic consumers are more and more accepting of electric vehicles. Optimistic about the future development of consumption potential. Based on the above content, it is not difficult to predict that the models introduced in the future will be powered by pure electric or petrol-electric power. At the same time, considering the development trend of the domestic automobile market in recent years and consumer preferences, small and medium-sized urban SUVs will be selected as the two options for returning to the market. The Great Trailblazer is also a reasonable choice.

The Mokka, now the second-generation model, was released in late June 2020. It was built on the PSA Group's EMP-1 modular chassis platform, and the first model was the Mokka-e pure electric model shown in the press release. The domestically launched Peugeot e-2008 adopts a single-motor configuration on the front axle, with a maximum power output of 136hp/26.5kgm and a cruising range of 322km according to the WLTP standard. The 1.2L three-cylinder gasoline turbo, 1.5L four-cylinder diesel and other internal combustion engines were added after several months. Powered models. The appearance design of the second-generation Mokka adopts the Opel Vizor new generation family style. The biggest feature is the bright black belt design extending from the center of the front to the headlights on both sides, and the LED daytime running lights with undercuts on both sides are more trendy and technology. At the same time, the lines of the whole car tend to be square and sharp, forming a great contrast with the rounded style pursued by the previous generation.

The second-generation Mokka adopts the Opel Vizor new generation family style in appearance design, emphasizing trendy, dynamic, and technology.
In addition to the Mokka-e pure electric model, the 1.2L three-cylinder gasoline turbo model is also expected to be imported into China at the first time.

The interior design of the second-generation Mokka also shows a new generation of design thinking that caters to future digital trends. The Pure Panel integrated console unfolded in front of the driver integrates digital instruments and a central information touch screen, a simple air-conditioning control panel, paddles The layout of the central control interface, such as the electronic transmission-by-wire gear assembly, electronic handbrake and driving mode switching keys, is more conducive to creating a sense of visual openness and bringing more open and diverse storage functions. In addition, it is also equipped with a complete ADAS automatic Driving assistance systems can fully meet consumer expectations.

The interior keeps up with the trend of digital thinking, and adopts an integrated console design that integrates digital instruments and a central information touch screen.
The central saddle is simply laid out with paddle-type electronic transmission gear assembly and other control interfaces, providing a refreshing and open visual experience and easy operation.

2、Opel Grandland

Import chance: 100%

Opel Grandland Introduce Chance: 100%

The Grandland, which also appeared in the photo of the press release with Mokka, is the representative of the new flagship SUV launched by Opel in 2017. This car replaces the Antara derived from GM Group resources in the past, and adopts the same model as Peugeot 3008 and Citroen C5 Aircross. Built on the EMP2 platform, after the small facelift version was launched last year, it can be clearly seen that the front part of the car has been replaced with the same Opel Vizor family style as the second-generation Mokka. The outline of the model; in addition, in order to echo the bright black belt design at the front of the car, the small facelift Granland also adopts bright black rear-view mirror covers and bright black suspended roof extending from the A-pillar to the rear of the car, embellishing a more unique appearance. Personalized atmosphere.

The internal and external styling of the minor facelift Grandland has been replaced with a new-generation family style, and it also highlights the flagship leisure travel status with rich equipment.
Built on the same EMP2 platform as Peugeot 3008 and Citroen C5 Aircross, the driving performance is worth looking forward to.

The interior part also swept away the traditional console style of the old model, and changed to an integrated integrated console design called Pure Panel, which can accommodate a maximum of 10-inch touch screen to provide rich audio and video entertainment effects. As the representative of the flagship leisure travel, the facelifted Grandland is equipped with complete ADAS active driving assistance technologies including full-speed ACC active cruise control and active lane keeping assistance, 360-degree surround view photography assistance, automatic parking assistance and IntelliLux LED Pixel Light Items such as adaptive smart lumen adjustment LED pixel headlights are also on the equipment list.

In terms of power configuration, Grandland provides a 1.2L three-cylinder gasoline turbo with a maximum output of 130hp/23.4kgm, and a Plug-in Hybrid plug-in hybrid model added after the minor facelift. The latter is equipped with a 1.6L straight-four gasoline turbo engine. , and is divided into two settings of 180hp maximum horsepower with 110hp front axle electric motor, combined output of 224hp, or 200hp maximum horsepower with 110hp front axle electric motor + 113hp/rear axle electric motor, combined output of 300hp.

In addition to the 1.2L three-cylinder turbo, the facelifted Grandland also offers a Plug-in Hybrid plug-in hybrid option.

3、Opel Astra/Astra Sports Tourer

Import chance: 80%

Opel Astra/Astra Sports Tourer Import Chance: 80%

After the two mainstream models of small and mid-size SUVs, Opel's next models are most likely to be the mid-size hatchback representative Astra and its station wagon brother, the Astra Sports Tourer. In particular, the new sixth-generation model Astra L was unveiled in mid-July last year. It adopts the same third-generation EMP2 chassis platform as the latest generation of Peugeot 308. The power part provides a 1.2L three-cylinder gasoline turbo with two output settings of 110hp/130hp, and The 1.6L four-cylinder gasoline turbo with a maximum horsepower of 150hp is matched with a 110hp front-axle electric motor and a Plug-in Hybrid with a combined output of 180hp.

The new sixth-generation model Astra L was unveiled in mid-July last year, and it is the latest generation in terms of design vocabulary and chassis technology.
The new-generation Astra introduces the Plug-in Hybrid plug-in hybrid powertrain, with a combined output of up to 180hp.

The new-generation family style of Opel Vizor, which started from the second-generation Mokka car series, can be said to be more evolved in the new-generation Astra car series. In addition to the bright black belt on the front of the car and the dynamic silhouette of the founder, bold and neat body lines are laid out. It also has a unique visual experience that is both retro and trendy; the interior of the car also continues the Pure Panel integrated console design, but the configuration is simpler everywhere, mainly through the combination of different materials to create a sense of hierarchy, while providing richness in the central saddle and other places Storage space planning, taking into account the sense of design and practicality. As for the new generation of Astra Sports Tourer, after the length of the Astra Sports Tourer is extended to 4640mm and the wheelbase reaches 2732mm, the luggage compartment volume has also reached a new high of 600~1634L. There is no doubt about its practicality.

The Pure Panel integrated console design has been further developed, including the central saddle and door trim panels, which are extremely simple.
The station wagon version Astra Sports Tourer has also been unveiled, but considering that the domestic station wagon market is still small, the probability of introduction should be lower than that of the hatchback version.

4 、 Opel Corsa

Import chance: 60%

Opel Corsa Introduce Chance: 60%

Opel Corsa, which was popular in the domestic market in the past, should have become a major part of Opel's return to the domestic car market to awaken the memory of car fans. However, in recent years, it has been affected by the trend of leisure travel. At the same time, the small hatchback class has been driven by the pursuit of overall texture improvement. The price is no longer as close to the people as it used to be. At present, the overall performance of this grade in the domestic market is only average. In addition, the current sixth-generation Corsa F is the first new-generation Opel model to use the PSA Group EMP1 chassis platform, which will be launched in 2019. So far, it is also close to the small facelift cycle. If the new general agent is willing to introduce it, it will have to wait until the facelifted new car is launched.

The sixth-generation Corsa is the first new-generation Opel model to use the EMP1 chassis platform, but it has not been replaced with the new-generation design style.

Due to the early launch period, the sixth-generation Corsa F did not adopt the Opel Vizor new generation family design style, but the sleek and compact body contour, the sharp-line LED daytime running lights and the body fold line still present a very sophisticated and avant-garde dynamic impression; Although the layout is more traditional, the new generation of digital instruments, central information touch screen, electronic transmission gear assembly, and electronic handbrake are still quite complete. In terms of power configuration, the sixth-generation Corsa provides different settings such as 1.2L three-cylinder NA/turbo, and there is a Corsa-e pure electric model equipped with a 136hp/26.5kgm front axle single motor. With a 50kWh battery pack, it can bring 330km of WLTP battery life. mileage.

The interior layout is also inclined to the traditional style, but the new generation equipment such as digital instrumentation and electronic transmission gear assembly is still quite complete.
The Corsa-e pure electric model adopts a 136hp/26.5kgm front axle single motor configuration, and the WLTP cruising range is 330km.

5、Opel Crossland

Import chance: 30%

Opel Crossland Introduce Chance: 40%

The Crossland to be introduced at the end seems to belong to the same small cross-border SUV positioning as Mokka, but in fact the original factory is mainly used to replace the past small sedan Meriva, so this car adopts the same PF1 chassis platform as the original Peugeot 2008 model. The overall design is also more inclined towards the latter's cross-border high-top sedan style. In addition, the launch time is second only to the flagship RV Insignia, which is about to be discontinued, in the current family car series. Will it be replaced with a minor facelift version in mid-2020? Continuing to launch the next-generation model is also in the uncertain days, I believe that the probability of being included in the introduction list is not high.

Although the model generation is older, the facelifted Crossland, after introducing the Opel Vizor new generation family design style in 2020, still exudes a very young and energetic urban crossover style, but the interior part has not been simultaneously imported into the Pure Panel digital design method, the overall architecture is biased towards the same traditional layout as Corsa. The power part mainly provides two options: 1.2L gasoline turbo and 1.5L diesel, and options such as Plug-in Hybrid or pure electric have not yet been introduced.

The facelifted Crossland fully introduces the Opel Vizor new generation family design style, showing a young and energetic urban cross-border style.
The interior structure is inclined to the same traditional layout as the Corsa, and the sense of high and open space shows the essence of a sedan.
Opel Insignia

Replacing the previous status of the flagship RV called Vectra, the first-generation station wagon version was also introduced into the domestic Insignia car series. After two generations of model evolution, since the global medium and large RV market has not been able to match the current mainstream leisure travel trend, the original factory was in In late July this year, it was announced that it will officially stop production at the end of the year and enter the history, so it is impossible to appear in the introduction list; in addition, although there is news that the successor model is already under development, it is believed that it should jump out of the traditional four-door RV / Five-door station wagon frame, to different types such as cross-border sedan.

Opel Zafira-e Life

It adopts the name of the medium-sized seven-seater sedan in the past, but the new Zafira Life has actually been changed to a medium-large seven-seater MPV derived from Peugeot Traveller, and even provides Zafira-e Life with a 136hp/26.5kgm front axle single motor Pure electric models, if the new general agent has the courage to introduce them, they may have the opportunity to become the first pure electric business travel models in China.

Opel Rocks-e

In addition to general passenger cars, Opel will also launch Rocks-e, a pure electric four-wheel vehicle that almost only replaces the Citroen Ami with the Opel lightning factory emblem in August 2021, with a length of only 2.41 meters and a two-seat configuration. It is quite suitable for urban transportation, but due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations domestic, it should not be possible to see this car coming to Taiwan in a short time.


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