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The RV didn't lose! ! Volkswagen ID. Aero Concept to be mass-produced

●VW electric RV flagship

●The length of the vehicle is approaching five meters

●620km cruising range (WLTP)

●China market first

RVs are on the decline, and now in 2022, not only is it not news, but it is more like a cliché. Seeing that the electric car army is coming, there are not many models that retain the appearance of RVs, and the seats are almost all for leisure travel. To occupy, fortunately, we finally look forward to the Volkswagen ID. Aero Concept, although it is still only a concept car in name, but it is still a few steps away from the launch.

Opponents are pointing directly at the Model S

The great thing is that the ID. Aero Concept is not only a rare electric sports car product in the market, but it will also be a big guy with a length of nearly five meters. If you want to find a similar opponent, you will intuitively think of a car with a length of 4,970mm. The Tesla Model S, at best, the ID. Aero Concept’s silhouette is more similar to the Fastback sloping back, and the icing on the cake is a little bigger. Therefore, after mass production, it will definitely move towards the high-end market, and even make the ID. Aero Concept a new generation. Volkswagen's electric flagship might as well.

The hatchback appearance more similar to Fastback and the squatting posture with low front and high back make the overall design look more dynamic and energetic.

If you look at its appearance, you will find that in order to meet the needs of low wind resistance and energy saving, the more futuristic shape outline makes ID. Aero Concept really resemble that of Model S, and thus brings a wind resistance coefficient of only 0.23Cd, which seems to be consistent and low. The sloping front, the smooth and fluid A-pillar and D-pillar angles, and the slender body proportions all make the overall vision more atmospheric and rung, but Volkswagen is obviously more sincere than Tesla in terms of details. The detailed planning of the rich ID. brand genes can be seen everywhere, embellishing the exquisite texture of the flagship sports car, such as the wrapping LED light strips at the front and rear, making the overall visual proportion wider, flat and slender, while the turbo The blade-type 22-inch aluminum ring brings out a self-evident dynamic feeling. As for the rear light group full of honeycomb-like associations, the rear angle of the car is full of energy, and the slightly raised rear half line also makes the overall appearance. The vision shows a dormant situation with low front and high back, creating a more ID.-flavored model of running grid electric RV.

According to the current information, the production version of ID. Aero Concept will have a domineering car frame close to five meters.
Both the headlights and the taillights adopt a wrap-around design, which brings a more technical and sporty visual effect.

620 km cruising range

It is a pity that although the appearance is all exposed, the appearance of the original factory and the future production version will not be much different from what you and I have seen now, but other parts from the cockpit to the power and even the performance are almost completely absent, and a few can It is certain that the battery module with a capacity of 77kWh will be adopted. After good aerodynamics and efficient use, it will be able to bring the cruising range of 620 kilometers under the WLTP standard. Then the chassis is bound to adopt the group's widely used electric vehicle modular MEB platform. In order to push the four tires to the farthest corners as much as possible, leaving more space for the car room.

The interesting part is that Volkswagen instead spends a lot of time introducing the ID. Aero Concept's unique paint finish. This paint, called Polar Light Blue Metallic, has a light metallic tone that can be seen in different colors. The lighting conditions will bring different visual effects, and some angles will even make the body appear slightly golden, and let the whole car flow between pearl white, metallic silver and beige, and then use the high-gloss black paint car. The top, contrasting with a more personalized style.

China goes first, Europe and the United States follow

Since it will eventually become a mass-produced car, the launch schedule of the ID. Aero Concept has become the focus of most car fans. According to Volkswagen, this new electric sports car will be launched first in the relatively conservative Chinese market, and will be directly distributed to the market. FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-Volkswagen will sell and sell separately. The time point should be mid-2023. As for the European and North American markets, it will be later than China, but it is believed that they will be officially off the assembly line and start sales by the end of 2023. Perhaps, it will be seen in Taiwan after a long time. Maybe get a production version of this electric sports car?

Following the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.6, the new ID. Aero Concept will become the representative of the brand's electric sports car.


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