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The sixth phase of the SITRAK Autumn Car Appreciation Show attracted enthusiastic participation from commercial vehicle buyers with the first public appearance of the tractor vehicle and the pure electric top-mounted 24-ton ready-mixed vehicle.

In the face of severe climate change and terrible natural disasters brought about by warming, it is imperative to accelerate the replacement of old vehicles. Taiwan has implemented the Phase VI emission standards for heavy-duty diesel vehicles since September 2010. For many commercial vehicle owners, , all of a sudden upgraded to Phase 6, the cost of purchasing a car increased sharply and the burden was heavy. Fortunately, some dealers introduced a new generation of Phase 6 heavy-duty diesel vehicles that are relatively affordable, have the latest power technology, are fuel-efficient and have low emissions, inspiring Taiwanese commercial vehicle owners. They speed up the replacement of old vehicles with new ones and easily upgrade six phases, and SITRAK is one of the heavy-duty vehicle brands that is highly relied upon by Taiwanese commercial vehicle owners.

According to industry market analysis, since Taiwan introduced the Phase 6 emission standard for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, the replacement rate of Phase 2 and Phase 3 heavy-duty diesel vehicles has reached more than 50%, and SITRAK Phase 6 vehicles with high CP values ​​are the ideal replacement for the old ones. One of the important promoters of replacement. SITRAK, which is famous for its German craftsmanship and Japanese prices, has launched a series of Phase 6 chassis vehicles and tractor trucks with diesel chassis and pure electric top in time since 2021. Recently, it has introduced a Phase 6 24-ton ready-mixed truck. This weekend Hongyu Automobile, SITRAK's distribution base in New Taipei City, held a six-phase new car appreciation event in autumn, featuring a brand-new six-phase diesel chassis 24-ton 6X4 ready-mixed vehicle with a pure electric top, and a six-phase 35-ton diesel traction vehicle. The car debuted simultaneously in the car viewing event, attracting many potential buyers of commercial fleets in northern Taiwan to come to view the car and inquire about prices.

SITRAK Euro VI heavy-duty diesel vehicles are not only equipped with the most advanced German-made MAN power machinery technology in the world, with increased power, but are also in line with global fashion trends in terms of technology and quality.Advanced intelligent safety devices are listed as standard equipment for all vehicle series.Combined with a number of advanced intelligent driving detection and safety protection devices, it eliminates blind spots in the field of vision and reduces the risk of accidents.

The SITRAK pure electric top-mounted 24-ton ready-mixed truck, which was launched today, retains the fuel-saving and durable characteristics of a traditional diesel chassis. It can run for 1.5 million kilometers (or 7 years) without overhauling the engine. It has abundant power output, with a maximum horsepower of 400 PS and a torque of 400 PS. It can reach 194kgm/1,000-1,4000rpm, and the displacement is only 10,518cc. The body of the ready-mixed barrel is made of the same grade material as SSAB HARDOX 450, a major Swedish steel manufacturer in the world. It is wear-resistant, acid-resistant, and alkali-resistant, and can transport up to 9 meters cubic meters on flat roads.

Combining the concept of oil and electricity, SITRAK 24-ton ready-mix truck adopts a pure electric system. During normal driving and idling, the engine PTO power distributor will drive the upper-mounted generator to generate electricity and supply power to charge the battery pack, which can fully satisfy The demand for normal operation of the ready-mix tank without increasing engine power consumption. And during the process of loading, waiting at the construction site and unloading, the tank is always driven by the battery pack. The engine does not need to be started at all, and the tank can maintain operation for one hour. Compared with the past, the overall process can be saved. The target of 30% oil consumption has significantly reduced fuel costs.

Many important assembly parts of SITRAK's Phase 6 ready-mixed trucks are from Germany, such as Germany's most advanced ZF 16-speed gearbox or 12-speed WABCO automatic manual gearbox, German BOSCH control computer, and German Mann-Hummel air filter The engine air intake system, German VOSS high-pressure pipelines and connectors are all the most advanced technologies in the industry today, but these are only standard equipment of SITRAK. The cockpit has obtained the ECE-R29 high safety protection standard and is equipped with a digital electronic driving recorder to provide drivers with the highest safe driving environment. The adjustable driver's seat has multiple angle and height adjustments, making long-distance driving less tiring. .

SITRAK 24-ton ready-mix truck is equipped with Level 2 active safety assistance technology, and advanced intelligent safety devices are listed as standard equipment. The entire vehicle is equipped with a number of advanced intelligent driving detection and safety protection devices, such as EBS electronic brake control system and ESC body stability control system. , AEB automatic emergency braking system, LDWS lane departure warning system, ABS anti-lock braking system, ASR acceleration tracking anti-skid control system, FCWS forward collision warning, TPM full-vehicle tire pressure detection system, etc., providing a full range of active and passive comprehensive protection , allowing the driver to deal with various sudden accidents calmly and promptly.

The SITRAK 35-ton 400PS tractor that appeared on the same stage provides WABCO 16-speed automatic transmission and ZF 16-speed manual transmission. Drivers can choose according to their driving habits. The speed ratio can be 3.36 or 3.08, whether it is climbing Whether you're running uphill or carrying heavy loads, you'll find the right option for you. In addition, the maximum horsepower can reach 540PS, and it is equipped with a ZF 12-speed automatic manual transmission, which has powerful horsepower and flexible control.

Similarly, in order to reduce the risk of accidents, the SITRAK 35-ton 400PS tractor also includes advanced intelligent safety devices as standard equipment for the entire vehicle, including EBS electronic brake control system, ESC body stability control system, AEB automatic emergency braking system, and LDWS Lane departure warning system, ABS anti-lock braking system, ASR acceleration tracking anti-skid control system, FCWS forward collision warning, TPM full-vehicle tire pressure detection system, etc.

In addition to bringing commercial vehicle owners six-phase heavy-duty diesel vehicles with affordable prices and leading technology in their class, SITRAK has also established a tight maintenance system across Taiwan to provide strong logistical support for the fleet. There are nearly 50 service plants in Taiwan. The warranty network includes direct service locations in the north, central and south, providing car owners with 24-hour non-stop service (service hotline 0800-585699).

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