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The Tiger's Resignation Wins the New Year and the Rabbit Leaps into the New JourneyEberdi Gold Jade Liquid Joins Hands with the Jinshan Temple of Wealth2023 Guimao Welcomes the New Year's Eve

The country, which has been closed for a long time due to the epidemic, finally opened with the unblocking, and the ban on masks has gradually been loosened. The timing has also come to the gift-giving season worthy of celebration. Aberdeen single malt Scotch whiskey launched Yunlin Beigang Wude following the Year of the Tiger After the "Eberdi 12 Years God of Wealth Gift Box" from the Palace - the God of Wealth's ancestral temple Fuyin, the Year of the Rabbit once again finds the blessing of the famous Jinshan Temple of Wealth. Gift box, in addition to the classic 12-year-old whiskey, the contents of the gift box also include the blessing "God of Wealth Qianmu" that has passed the main incense burner of Jinshan Temple of Wealth and a small sample of the original factory. It is definitely the best choice for gifts during the Lunar New Year! Limited sale in Taiwan tobacco and liquor stores!

Alberdie single malt Scotch Whiskey, known as the golden jade liquid, has a unique honey-sweet taste from the insistence of only using barley from Scotland, and a 72-hour fermentation process; it has a plump fruity aroma and a little spicy embellishment , Soft and easy to drink. The Alberdie 12-year-old single malt Scotch whiskey in the God of Fortune gift box is a classic made by Stephanie MacLeod, the "Chief Bartender of the Year" selected by the "International Whiskey Competition" (International Whiskey Competition) for four consecutive years. Slight pineapple and apple and cantaloupe aromas, and finally with a slightly spicy and citrus orange, honey sweet taste, slightly smoky. The overall rich spicy and plump fruit aroma is soft and easy to drink; the golden amber liquor exudes youthful vitality, whether it is new to single malt whiskey or experienced drinkers will be obsessed with the sweetness taste. In addition to the classic 12-year-old whiskey, the God of Wealth gift box also comes with a small sample wine from the original factory and a blessing "God of Wealth Qianmu" that was specially sent to the Jinshan Temple of Wealth for the incense burner. It is definitely the first Lunar New Year after the epidemic is unsealed. The most decent and thoughtful New Year's gift.

rare angel promise Alberti45Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

The Alberdie Whiskey Distillery, which began operation in 1898, has worked hard to achieve the No. 1 Dewar's Scotch Whiskey in North America. In 1999, it finally launched the Alberdie Single Malt Scotch Whiskey brand. Petitli Creek, the wine is full of honey and sweet, smooth and easy to drink. Over the past 20 years, it has won nearly 200 awards, large and small. Under the management of MacLeod, many attempts have been made outside the core wines, showing the high plasticity of Alberdie wines.

2022 is also a year of great works for Aberdeen. The 21-year-old red wine barrels of the Outstanding Barrel Aging Series and the 28-year-old Oloroso Sherry barrels are rare in the first half of the year. Bartender Stephanie believes that Burdy’s best partner, Red Wine Barrel Works, released the 21-year-old French Saint-Emilion red wine barrel-aged, and the newly launched 18-year-old Italian Tuscany red wine barrel-aged last month; and in the festive December, Alberti brings us the brand's highest ever bottling age - a 45-year-old single malt Scotch whiskey.

Goddess-level chief bartender Stephanie MacLeod found this batch of wines with a age of more than 45 years in the depths of the Alberdee wine cellar. These rare and aged wines were distilled on August 6, 1975 and matured in Hogshead barrels. , the bartender Stephanie selected 7 barrels and skillfully blended them. Finally, at the end of 2022, he launched the bottling of "Eberdie 45 Years Single Malt Scotch Whiskey", the highest vintage in the brand's history. It has been sleeping in the wine cellar for more than 45 springs, summers, autumns and winters. After a long period of maturation, it finally reached the perfect state considered by the bartender Stephanie. After blending 7 barrels, there were only 594 bottles in the end, with an alcohol concentration of 41.6%, and an exclusive wooden box was specially created for whiskey collectors to collect. Dasheng The wine has won 66 bottles for Taiwan, priced at NT$258,000, and will be released before the lunar calendar in 2023, welcoming the Kuimao New Year in the post-epidemic era with the rare wine promised by the angel!

ABERFELDYAlberdie Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 12 Years Fortuna Gift Box
Suggested selling price: NT$1,188

ABERFELDY 12-year-old single malt Scotch whiskey 700ml bottle
The aroma is of pineapple, apple, and cantaloupe, with a hint of spice and citrus orange at the end; honey-sweet taste with a little smoky taste.
The overall rich spicy and plump fruity aroma is soft and easy to drink; the golden amber liquor exudes youthful vitality and is the best partner for funny talkers. It has won a high evaluation of 90 points from the Whiskey Bible.
A bottle of ABERFELDY 12-year-old single malt Scotch whiskey sample (50ml)
Ai Baidi X Jinshan Temple of Wealth prays for a piece of "God of Wealth and Money Mother"
ABERFELDY Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 45 Years Old
Suggested selling price: NT$258,000
English sake name:
ABERFELDY 45YO Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Limited Edition
category:single malt whiskey
years:45 years
capacity:700 ml
Importer:da sheng liquor co., ltd.
issue number:Limited to 66 bottles in Taiwan
Tasting Notes:The rich fragrance has rich red berries, tropical pineapple and a touch of heather honey, and then brings out a wisp of citrus peel and lemon Turkish delight, which leaves a delicious aroma of vanilla and coconut in the mouth. The rhyme ends in the aroma of spices.

About Aberdeen

ABERFELDY means "Fountain of Water God" in Gaelic, Scotland. The winery has a spring blessed by God. It is located in the center of the Scottish Highlands. The water comes from Peety, which is rich in minerals and gold deposits. Li Xiaoxi (Pitilie Burn), has produced countless fascinating golden jade liquids for a hundred years. The Aberdeen Distillery was founded in 1898 by John Alexander Dewar and Tommy Dewar. It is a Victorian building and has written the best annotations for the handed down whiskey making skills.

About Stephanie Macleod

The seventh generation chief bartender (John Dewar and Sons' Master Blender) in the 160-year history of the Dewars family. With a background in food science, Stephanie has absolute expertise in taste and smell; and specializes in whiskey sensory analysis and the art of blending. She joined Bacardi in 1998 and has been the head bartender of Dewars since 2006. Stephanie's professional scope in Dewars ranges from malt blending to bottling, and every detail needs to be very precise. The perfect quality of her five brands, Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Craigellachie, The Deveron and Royal Brackla, all come from her divine spirit hand. Stephanie's expertise in blending technology is not only recognized, but has been repeatedly affirmed. In 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, she was awarded the "Best Bartender of the Year" by the "International Whiskey Competition" (International Whiskey Competition) for four consecutive years.


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