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The total number of TOYOTA TOWN ACE listings has exceeded 20,000 units. Provide "400,000 zero interest rates" to reward customers

TOYOTA TOWN ACE cargo trucks and vans have been favored by customers since they were successively launched last year, and the accumulated sales have exceeded 20,000 units. The cumulative market share from January to August this year is approaching 60%, and it is firmly seated in domestic light commercial vehiclesNote 1 NO.1 throne. In order to thank all users for their support, Hotai Motors plans to launch a high zero interest rate of 400,000 yuan for truck models, so that all small heads in Taiwan can more easily own this popular commercial vehicle! In addition, in order to allow the current 10,000 orders to be delivered faster, TOWN ACE has also decided to increase production month by month from the fourth quarter, and will have an average monthly production capacity of more than 2,000 units from next year. It is hoped that the delivery period can be further shortened to meet Every customer's expectation.

TOWN ACE can meet the needs of all walks of life with its excellent load capacity, space, fuel consumption performance and safety equipment. The maximum load capacity of the truck type is 960 kg Note 2, and the super load capacity meets the needs of various tasks. The average fuel consumption performance reaches 15.2km/L Note 3, which helps the bosses save fuel and make a lot of money, and also leads the young leaders to break through the sky. In addition, all models are equipped with dual SRS airbags Note 4 as standard, and top-spec models are equipped with TSS (TOYOTA Safety Sense) Note 5 active safety protection system to protect the safety of car owners in all directions. There are two types of vans, 2-seater and 5-seater, which have both general passenger and commercial functions, and the flexible interior space provides consumers with more flexibility in use.

From September onwards, consumers who buy trucks can enjoy a preferential price of 460,000 yuan for new ones Note 6, and enjoy a limited-time 400,000 high zero-interest rate discount Note 7 . Consumers who love TOWN ACE can directly contact TOYOTA dealer bases in Taiwan to inquire about discounts, or check on TOYOTA's official website.

Note 1: The light commercial vehicle grade here refers to commercial vehicles with a length of less than 4,500mm. The source of the number of licensed vehicles is the number of new licensed vehicles in TOWN ACE during the statistical period from January 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023 on the statistics inquiry website of the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications.

Note 2: The maximum load capacity of 960 kg refers to the grade of iron bed with hand row, which was obtained by the test of Guorui Automobile Co., Ltd., and the value is a standard value without tolerance.

Note 3: The average fuel consumption of 15.2 km/l is for automatic transmission models. The average fuel consumption mentioned in this news release is measured in accordance with the standard test procedures of EU Directive 1999/100/EC and its subsequent amendments. The marked test value is measured in the laboratory on the vehicle body dynamometer according to the specified driving conditions. When driving on the actual road, the actual value may be different from the test value due to factors such as weather, road conditions, load, use of the air conditioning system, driving habits, and vehicle maintenance.

Note 4: SRS airbags and various active and passive safety equipment have operation restrictions. For relevant restrictions, please contact dealers in Taiwan to learn about the relevant instructions in the owner's manual.

Note 5: This item of safety equipment is equipped with TSS level self-draining wooden bed. There are conditions and restrictions on the operation of various safety equipment. Please contact local dealers to learn about the content of the owner's manual.

Note 6: The pre-purchase price for old and new replacements has been deducted from government subsidies for old and new replacements. The subsidy eligibility for the amount of government replacement subsidies is subject to the review of the competent authority. For detailed scope of application, objects and restrictions, please refer to the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

Note 7: The "400,000 interest rate" activity is applicable to the purchase of TOWN ACE cargo cards from 2023/09/01~2023/09/30. The total installment limit is 400,000 yuan, and the maximum number of installments is 24 months. Distributors and designated cooperating companies reserve the right to review and cannot be used in conjunction with other installment discounts. The recommended retail price of the installment payment and cash payment of this preferential plan is the same, but the actual transaction price, maximum installment amount and number of installments are negotiated and agreed upon by the buyer and the seller according to the transaction conditions. This activity is not applicable to leasing, government agencies and project approval/bid purchasers. Please refer to TOYOTA's official website for the details of the above activities and restrictions.

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