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The Vehicle Center joins hands with Elan Electronics and other manufacturers to create an AI chip industry alliance and a domestic smart vehicle electronics industry chain, one-stop upstream and downstream

Witnessed by Deputy Minister Lin Quanneng of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (5th from left), Chairman Huang Longzhou (6th from left) of Vehicle Center and Chairman of Elan Electronics (4th from left) invited AUO, Chimei Auto Electric, Zhonghua Automobile, Huade Kinetic Energy, Chengyun Automobile, Chuangyi Energy and Dalian Dapinjia signed MOU to establish "Automotive AI Imaging Chip and Smart Cockpit Display Module Industry Alliance"

Leading automotive electronics manufacturers and legal persons gathered together to form an alliance to enhance the value of the industry

Vehicle Research and Testing Center (ARTC, Vehicle Center for short) announced today (18th) that it will cooperate with Elan Electronics, AUO, Chimei Automotive, Zhonghua Automobile, Huade Kinetic Energy, Chengyun Automobile, Chuangyi Energy, Dalian Dapinjia establishedcarTO THEImage Chip and Smart Cockpit Display Module Industry AllianceCo-signing the MOU will combine the upstream, midstream and downstream industry chains to establish domestic independent automotive IC display technology capabilities, develop self-designed automotive AI images and Mini LED display computing chipsets, and combine any type of display technology to establish independent technology for the smart cockpit industry. , develop ADAS application modules and systems that conform to international automotive image sensing chips, and in accordance with the needs of electric vehicle manufacturers (EV Bus, EV Car) smart cockpits, combined with inside and outside the cabin sensing AI technology, to create key technologies for vehicle intelligence, improve Industrial value, build cars and protect the mountains of the country.

The explosive growth of the automotive electronics market The alliance establishes a complete supply chain for domestic auto parts

According to data from MarkLines, in the future, electric vehicles will account for more than 80% of all road transportation activities. In line with the above-mentioned growth trend, the output value of Taiwan's automotive electronics industry has grown rapidly at an annual rate of 13% in the past five years, reaching nearly NT$300 billion in 2021. Now, with the continuous investment of ICT manufacturers, it is expected to develop more rapidly. It is estimated that the output value in 2025 is expected to reach NT$600 billion; MarketWatch statistics also estimate that by 2027, the global image display chip market size will be about 5.7 billion US dollars, and automotive display chip application products - rearview mirrors and automotive smart cockpits. The market size is 50.4 billion US dollars, and the output value of automotive electronics is expected to usher in explosive growth.

At present, although domestic manufacturers have invested in the development of automotive chips, self-driving assistance systems and panels of any type, the current automotive image chips and cockpit design are still in their infancy, and after-installation or decentralized design can achieve vehicle specifications, functions and intelligence. Huazhi's high-end products still rely on imports. Therefore, the alliance integrates upstream, midstream and downstream manufacturers, and hopes to help the industry provide Know-How R&D technology through cross-technology integration and application, combined with independent AI image chip research and development, AI image recognition technology, smart display technology and modules, and high computing speed and low energy consumption. and verification energy, and create a new generation of smart automotive products, integrate virtual and real superimposed display, monitoring and identification system, arbitrary type display technology and other systems, seize the opportunity of global supply chain restructuring, and establish domestic ICT industry chain and The complete supply chain of automotive components enables domestic chips, AI automotive electronics, and display systems to be internationally competitive and to meet the high market demand.

Huang Longzhou, chairman of the Vehicle Center, said in his speech that cars are developing towards intelligence, and autonomous driving and smart cockpits are the two major evolution directions in the future. ARTC continues to assist the industry and integrates the ADAS system know how developed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' technology project over the years into Taiwan. Advantages, following the promotion of the self-driving industry alliance last time, it has once again driven the upstream, mid-downstream and downstream smart automotive electronics industry chain; joint efforts with alliance members, combined with industrial research and development energy, create high-quality automotive electronics products, and join hands to move towards the trillion-dollar industry.

"Automotive AI Imaging Chip and Smart Cockpit Display Module Industry Alliance" combines industrial R&D energy and aims to build a mid-stream and downstream smart automotive industry chain

Integrate the vehicle and electric technology of alliance members Build the upper, middle and lower reaches of the smart automotive industry chain

In order to build the middle and lower reaches of the smart automotive industry chain, Huang Longzhou, chairman of the consortium legal person Vehicle Research and Testing Center, Ye Yixuan, chairman of Elan Electronics Co., Ltd., Hong Hongjie, deputy general manager of AUO, Xu Xuexian, general manager of Chimei Automotive, and Zhonghua Automobile Deputy General Manager Yang Hongqing, General Manager of Huade Kinetic Energy Yang Zhirong, Chairman of Chengyun Automobile Wu Dingfa, Chairman of Chuangyi Energy Huang Zhensheng, Chairman of Dalian Dapinjia Group Chen Guoyuan all attended and signed the "Automotive AI" symbolizing a new milestone in the development of automotive electronic chips. Imaging Chip and Smart Cockpit Display Module Industry Alliance" MOU, and invited Lin Quanneng, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs, and Lin Desheng, Deputy Director of the Technology Department, to witness the event. In the future, the members of the alliance will give full play to their strengths and do their best to jointly build a car, electricity and protect the country. Gunsan, related technologies include:

  • Elan Electronics provides automotiveTO THEChip R&D and Manufacturing Technology: Vehicle display driver design, Mini LED display module, and high power/low energy consumption vehicle design.
  • Provided by Chi MeiTO THEImage recognition technology: In-vehicle/exterior ADAS system development, dynamic image adjustment technology, and integration of smart sensing modules
  • AUO Provides Vehicle and Cockpit Display Technology: Any type (flat or curved) display module, and adaptive environment display technology.
  • Dalian Dapinjia Group provides chip marketing and application
  • Zhonghua Automobile, Huade Kinetic Energy, Chengyun Automobile, Chuangyi Energy, etc. provide system installation and market applications:That is, it invests in commercialization, and introduces various emerging products into its own smart vehicles for demonstration applications.

Ye Yixi, chairman of Elan Electronics Co., Ltd., explained that the alliance will drive the smart automotive industry chain by integrating their respective technologies. The future goal will not only be domestic, but also look at the global automotive market, and provide AI-based images. Advanced applications in the automotive industry such as chip applications, extravehicular applications, in-vehicle applications, and audio-visual applications, including building a one-stop automotive electronics manufacturing line for Taiwan.

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