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"The world's blackest Porsche" was born in Gifu! What is the special paint "True Black Warriors"?

table of contents
●The darkest car in the world can be seen in Japan
●Not suitable for use in automobiles
●Exhibited in Gifu, Japan until the end of July

The world's darkest car can be seen in Japan

Porsche 911 with "True Black Warriors" paint

Pit One (Gokuto Co., Ltd.) located in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, in cooperation with Koyo Orient Japan Co., Ltd., used the world's blackest paint "True Black Warriors" to paint the entire car of the Porsche 911.

About peerless

real. Black Warriors is the world's blackest water-based acrylic paint developed by Koyo Orient Japan. The latest product launched after the remodel of the old product "Black Warriors" in October 2020.

The paint creates a large powder coating on the surface of objects, wrapping light inside to create an extremely low-reflection black appearance. Gives a feeling that doesn't exist in the real world.
It is a water-based paint that can be used in various environments, and complies with environmental regulations such as Reach and RoHS, and the paint itself has no peculiar smell.

By the way, the English name of this product is "MUSOU BLACK".

Not suitable for use in cars

Mr. Iwata of Pit One with paint job

Use true. The Porsche with black unparalleled paint has a total internal reflection of only 0.6%. The car can be clearly seen in bright places, but if the surrounding environment is dark, it will be difficult to identify like a shadow.

Actual driving on the road

Therefore, Pit One also obtained the permission of the police station and the Land Transport Bureau in advance before driving and filming.

The light absorption rate is 99.4%, which can completely absorb sunlight. It is not yet known what the temperature will be in a car driving in midsummer.

In fact, Pit One also said that "True Black Warriors" is not suitable for car paint, because the light absorbing layer is powdery, and the strength of the coating is quite low, as long as it is touched lightly, it will produce gloss or the coating will peel off. The resistance to rain and friction is not high.

Darker than the world's darkest BMW announced in 2019


The car's total internal reflection is 0.6%, which is lower than the 1% total internal reflection of the "world's blackest" BMW X6 Vantablack released at the German International Auto Show in 2019.

On display in Gifu, Japan until the end of July

The car will be displayed at Pit One (100 Sakaecho, Yanazu-cho, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture) until the end of July 2022. Because it is not resistant to rain and friction, it is stored elsewhere.

Official Youtube announces the production process

The production process of the world's first black Porsche 911 was announced on Pit One's Yotube channel.

Original source:"The blackest Porsche in the world" is born in Gifu!What is the special paint "Shin Black Musou"?
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