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The world's first limited edition "Oken Sauvignon Blanc" is a surprise reappearance! Oken breaks through the framework of cross-border joint multi-type catering, presenting an unexpected drinking experience

Taiwan's Suntory's selected wines of Auken Sauvignon Blanc combine its own winemaking process and different styles of catering venues to provide consumers with a variety of catering proposals and wine tasting experiences

As we enter the second half of 2022, the brand "Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky" under the global spirits leader Beam Suntory Group has brought exciting good news to drink lovers, which was highly praised last year. The selected wine "Oken Sauvignon Blanc Cask Flavored Single Malt Scotch Whisky" has been released in limited quantities since this month, and is currently on sale in various tobacco and alcohol specialty channels. Auken adheres to the unique "3-distillation", and exclusively uses the Sauvignon Blanc barrels from the Bordeaux region of France to pass through the barrels. On the main body of pure quenched malt whisky, the white wine flavor with fresh apple aroma is brewed to create a unique "European". "Kenbai Sauvignon Barrel", in addition to the continuous innovation in the winemaking process, Auken will also break through the framework to create more diverse drinking situations. The first wave of cooperation is with the most difficult-to-book vegetable Fine Dining restaurant in Taiwan, "Curious". ”, and co-created “Unexpected Bar 2.0” with the only camping-themed bar “Noobtent” in Taiwan, a completely different field style, showing the “Auken Blanc Sauvignon Blanc” from the three-distilled, pure and soft wine. The liquid has excellent compatibility, and different types of catering proposals will be launched in the second half of the year to bring consumers a more diverse drinking experience.

Auken and Curious develop joint meal paired with Auken Sauvignon Blanc cask-flavored single malt Scotch whisky

Whiskey x Vegetarian Food, Open the Unbounded Food Travel of "Eat and Drink"

In recent years, the vegan trend has become popular around the world. This time, Auken teamed up with Taiwan's only vegetable fine dining restaurant "Curious" to combine innovative cuisine with light and delicate Auken Sauvignon Blanc barrel-flavored single malt Scotch whisky. The appetizer based on mud duck, crispy fried fat and maltose base mixed with caramelized onion and apple-scented sauce, echoes the aroma of malt and green apple from the sauvignon blanc barrel. Dessert served after the meal is made of 70%, 72%, 73% chocolate with longan, smoky and nut flavors, and hand-boiled rose and lychee sauce, covered with cocoa lava infused with three barrels of whisky. , with a gorgeous layer of toasted hazelnuts and warm butterscotch aromas. More chefs' ingenuity into well-designed wine pairings, waiting for you to discover on the spot!

Auken and Curious develop joint meal paired with Auken Sauvignon Blanc cask-flavored single malt Scotch whisky

Refreshing sauvignon blanc barrel x camping style, comfortable and comfortable in the city

I don't want Chill to look at the weather anymore! Oaken found a new topical tavern "Noobtent (Rookie Camp)" to create a series of camping-style table wines with refreshing and meticulous Oaken Sauvignon Blanc single malt whisky. Taking the one-day menu during camping as the blueprint, the slightly addicted version of bubble milk tea has a warm milky aroma and a fragrant and light sauvignon blanc barrel, supplemented by delicate brown sugar pearls to embellish the chewy texture; freshly fried clams and XO sauce The stir-fried instant noodles with a special flavor of ginger juice, the freshness and coldness of the sauvignon blanc barrel balances the salty aroma of the main meal, and outlines the delicious taste of clams.

Okun and Noobtent launch a co-branded meal with a slightly drunk version of bubble tea
】Oken and Noobtent launched a joint meal slightly drunk version of bubble milk tea

The world's first flavor is light, delicate and rich in layers

"Auken Sauvignon Blanc" comes from the only Auken whisky distillery in Scotland that uses "3-distillation" throughout the whole process. The unique soft wine quality of Auken whisky allows the pure liquor to combine with the delicate flavor characteristics of wooden barrels. Because of the use of Sauvignon Blanc barrel passing technology, it has changed the strong impression in the past. The aroma of white grapes, mixed with the light and light aroma of citrus and jasmine, at the same time with a touch of moist vanilla cream, forms a rich and varied but not sweet taste journey, and with its elegant and meticulous characteristics, it connects all kinds of Various cooking styles. In the second half of 2022, Auken will continue to carry out more diverse and rich life proposals, presenting the characteristics of sauvignon blanc barrels in different fields to suit different drinking situations, showing Auken's innovation and diversity.

Auchen sauvignon blanc barrels bring elegant and light fresh flavor through 3 distillation and barreling technology

Deep ploughing and spare no effort

Taiwan Suntory has been operating in Taiwan for many years. In order to allow more consumers to experience delicious food and wine as part of their ideal life, this year, Mr. Su Youqin (Johnny), who has rich qualifications, was specially invited to join the team as a brand ambassador. Johnny has experience in Taiwan and Australia. , China and other places have completely different working environments and catering cultures, accumulating relatively diverse taste bud memories, while diving in the Maldives, skydiving, watching the sunrise in Yushan, horseback riding in the Shangri-La grasslands, skiing in the Alps and getting a ski instructor license are rich in life. The experience is also in line with the brand personality of Auken's "rich, diverse and open-minded". In the future, it will also be committed to introducing high-quality wines to the majority of whisky lovers and sharing more diverse life stories and wine tasting experiences.

Suntory Taiwan's new brand ambassador Johnny


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