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Then it crosses the linePeugeot 408

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean anything else, even though the word "crossover" has been used a lot recently, it's different after the French put the finishing touches on it. That natural charm can even fascinate the soul, and more importantly... Soon In the future, Taiwan still has to buy!

Or the ultimate beauty that can be obtained

Recreation is in the market. These years, crossover products that are big or small, flat or round can usually be found by clicking on various catalogues. We are looking forward to the brand-new global strategic car 408 released by Peugeot, which will finally bring aesthetic redemption to this uninspired altar.

Explaining the words, Peugeot, which used "40X" as the car name before, all have a sedan and four-door structure and are affordable to ordinary people. , even the 408 exclusive to the Chinese market, but just like the countless classic car names are now covered in crossover coats, the new 408 as a new generation of global strategic car models is different from the Chinese version and replaced with a recreational appearance ( In the Chinese market, the 408X is better than the 408 RV), but since the same door still has the 3008 as the main SUV, the design team naturally has more space to make a fuss about the new 408, and the final result is the handsome appearance that we see today.

We can see that the new 408 has a length, width and height of 4,687mm x 1,848mm x 1,478mm. It can be seen that the new car can not only enlarge the body shape and raise the chassis and then finish the work. In terms of proportions, this new car based on the EMP2 platform structure actually has a road running profile more similar to the Audi A5 Sportback or BMW 4GC, but it shows its correction through the slightly improved ground clearance and the invincible and unique 20-inch large circle. Buqun's cross-border thinking, simply put, the visual impact is like the shock of seeing the Lamborghini Urus for the first time.

Look at this beautiful angle and graceful hip line, it is simply pure running in the cross-border field.

Pure electricity will arrive later, and then Taiwan can buy it

Since the proportions are right, the whole car can't be ugly, not to mention that there are too many beautiful design elements in Peugeot for the new 408 to eat, so the tusk-style daytime running lights, the tiger's beard-like star point water tank guard The hood, the deliberately stretched front and rear wheel arches, and the deeply cut sheet metal lines are of course not lacking. Even the new-generation i-Cockpit driver-oriented cockpit with extraordinary texture is as usual attractive and has been evolved, and is placed high to avoid distraction. The digital instrumentation and compact sports steering wheel are still the same, the central 10-inch touch screen is integrated with more functions, and the 2,787mm wheelbase also allows the cabin space to maintain a high level of performance, while maintaining a luggage compartment volume of 536 to 1,611 liters , you know, the consideration of practicality for such a class of buyers has always been the focus.

The tusk-style daytime running lights, the tiger-beard-like star-dotted water tank guard, the deliberately stretched front and rear wheel arches and the deeply cut sheet metal lines, the beauty of Peugeot can be appreciated on the 408.
The driver-oriented cockpit of the new generation of i-Cockpit is well received for its texture, and the overall design is also very attractive in technology.

As for the power, what has been revealed so far is the 1.2-liter and 1.6-liter turbocharged engines that you and I are familiar with, which can output 130 and 180 peak horsepower by convention, and there is also a set of 1.6-liter turbocharged plug-in oil. The electric hybrid power system is listed on the menu, and it can exert a maximum horsepower of 225 hp through the PHEV structure. No matter which one is equipped with the EAT8 eight-speed manual automatic transmission system, Peugeot will launch a pure electric power version for it later to correspond to The burgeoning electrified new car market.

If you see this place like me, you are starting to get excited and ready to go. The best news is that Taiwan's general agent Baojia United is also very interested in the new 408 produced in France, and is actively trying to introduce the domestic market to the original factory. Everything went well, and maybe soon I will be able to see his handsome and handsome figure on the street, and even be tempted to go to the studio to buy one.

This angle is as beautiful as the Lamborghini Urus, and more importantly, in addition to the PHEV, pure electric power will be added in the future.


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