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They are finally going to educate those scooter drivers from

What is going wrong now? We see meal deliverers blasting up and down the pavement on scooters without looking out of their caps, some wear their helmets like a crown, they do not realize that traffic from the right is ahead and they drive always and everywhere much faster than is responsible.

Traffic training for meal deliverers is starting a new traffic training course this week. In this online training, delivery drivers are shown recognizable traffic situations. They must estimate which potential dangers they see and indicate how they can prevent them. The traffic situations from the training are based on their own experiences of meal deliverers, so that the experience is as realistic as possible for the participants.

The online training will be followed by both new and current deliverers from The idea is that once they have completed the training, they can better assess difficult traffic situations and risks and know what to do to get to their destination more safely.

Hopefully they do something with that knowledge.

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