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This Android Auto dongle makes your daily car ride a lot more pleasant -

It's the first thing many drivers do as soon as they take their car to work: connect their smartphone with Android Auto to the car's screen. Super handy, but unfortunately it doesn't always go wireless. There is good news for this group of people.

The summer holidays are over. We all go back to work, get in the car more often and ... end up in traffic jams more often. To stay in the holiday mood, you can play your favorite holiday playlist in the car via Spotify. After all, with Android Auto you can conjure up the music app on the screen of your car in no time. But also other useful apps, such as Google Maps and Flitsmeister.

Unfortunately, the holiday after fun is disrupted if Android Auto is not wireless. You are then stuck with a cable between your smartphone and the screen. That seems unimportant, especially if you are still enjoying the afterglow of the holiday, but those who are often on the road know that the cable surprisingly often gets in the way and irritates. Fortunately, there is a solution.

With the AAWireless dongle you can now connect your smartphone automatically and wirelessly to Android Auto. No hassle and no cable. And because you read or visit Auto Review, you temporarily get a whopping 15% discount on the AAWireless dongle. The exclusive discount code you need to use for this is: BTWAUTO.

Buy the AAWireless with a 15% discount

4 reasons why your daily car ride becomes a lot more enjoyable with the AAWireless dongle

1: No more that clumsy cable

No matter how insignificant a cable may seem, if you have to connect it again and again, you will go crazy. And why would you? Wireless makes life so much easier. The AAWireless dongle also automatically connects to your car. Okay, you first have to go through a simple installation process, but then the party can begin.

Your car does not have to meet all kinds of complicated requirements. If your car's infotainment supports Android Auto, you can use the AAWireless dongle. It's that simple.

2: Start your working day relaxed

It takes some getting used to having to go back to work after your holiday. The last thing you want is to get into the car, want to quickly connect your smartphone, but discover that the cable is still in the living room. Sigh. Just when you're parked three blocks away.

You can prevent this with the AAWireless dongle. You just leave it in your car. The AAWireless dongle automatically connects to your car. You save time and prevent stress. The working day has never started so chill.

3: As Dutch as a stroopwafel

All well and good, those gadgets from distant countries, but what you want is a Dutch product. If only because it comes with a manual in normal, understandable Dutch. The AAWireless dongle is as Dutch as a stroopwafel and a barrel organ. The most advanced Android Auto dongle has been developed by the Groningen company CP & EB IT and is produced in Europe.

What you get from far away is tasty, but close to home is even better. The AAWireless dongle is a lot more advanced than other dongles. Mainly because of the user-friendly free app. This allows you to adjust certain functionalities in Android Auto to your own taste. Furthermore, you can keep the AAWireless dongle up-to-date and fix bugs quickly and easily, if they occur at all.

And if you don't get it right with the installation of the device, you can fall back on the app. This guides you quickly through the process.

4: Temporarily with a significant discount

The AAWireless dongle is exclusive to the readers and visitors of Auto Review for a temporary additional purchase discount. Until September 10, you pay € 67.99 instead of € 79.99. That's a 15% discount. And you don't have to do anything for that, except to make smart use of the exclusive discount code BTWAUTO.

Buy the AAWireless with a 15% discount


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