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This second-hand electric SUV is 60,000 euros cheaper than a new one

Jaguar wants to be fully electric in a few years. But before then, the manufacturer will pull the plug from the Jaguar I-Pace. This makes the chance of an affordable second-hand I-Pace greater than ever.

Jaguar CEO Adrian Mardell has told the British Autocar let us know that it will soon be over and out for the I-Pace. Although Jaguar wants to have a fully electrified model range from 2025, the I-Pace will not be among them.

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Successful debut

The I-Pace, the brand's first and only EV to date, has had a stormy career. In its debut year, more than 3500 passed the Dutch dealer thresholds. Despite a list price of more than 80,000 euros.


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I-Pace best-selling Jaguar ever

After 2018, the electric Jaguar flame quickly died down. Nevertheless, with a total sales figure of 4800 units, the I-Pace is still the best-selling Jag ever. At least, in the Netherlands. The fact that interest declined sharply after the debut year was mainly due to a less favorable tax climate for expensive electric cars.

Slow loading

In addition, many potential customers were shocked by the disappointing range figures and the extremely long charging times at the home charging station (1-phase charging) of the first series. In 2019, the sales figure fell to less than 800 units. The malaise continued in 2020 (approx. 460) and in the past three years less than 40 customers have been able to prod a new I-Pace.

60,000 euros cheaper than new

But what happens when a car loses popularity? Then the prices of second-hand copies fall. We put it to the test and open up the I-Pace hunt. The harvest is a bit disappointing: we only come across a little more than a hundred second-hand I-Paces. Of these, thirteen cars fall in the price range of 31 to 35 grand. The choice is greater between 40,000 and 65,000 euros. The most expensive second-hand I-Pace (2022) is offered by an optimist who asks for 82,000 euros.

Cheapest I-Pace on Marktplaats

The cheapest second-hand Jaguar I-Pace on, dates from 2018 and has covered 107,000 kilometers. It is fully equipped, with full leather upholstery, a panoramic roof and beautiful 20-inch wheels. New this car cost just under 90,000 euros, and now you can take it with you for 30,999 euros. The first owner has therefore written off almost 60,000 euros on it, or a good 900 euros per month …

No, not an I-Pace with balloon tires!

But what if you prefer an I-Pace with less than a ton on the clock? Then you have to search a little further. Please quickly click away the cheaper versions with 18-inch spoke wheels and balloon tires, because they don't look good. And actually we also find a white, gray or black I-Pace too boring to handle. How about a nice red?

Our favorite second-hand I-Pace

Bingo! For 34,995 euros we find an I-Pace EV400 First Edition in the exciting color Photon Red. Especially in combination with the duotone wheels, the fat SUV looks a lot more dynamic than most of its siblings. Although it is 3 mille more expensive than the white car above, the new price was also the sweet sum of 103,630 euros! That amounts to a value loss of 68,635 euros exactly.

If you didn't know that the first owner paid a fart and a few marbles in addition, you would almost feel sorry for him. Disadvantage of this car: it is offered by a private individual. That means you can whistle at Bovag warranty. A purchase inspection and a battery check therefore do not seem like a superfluous luxury to us, even though the car has been dealer maintained and has only 66,000 km on the clock. Because despite everything, 35 grand remains a lot of money.

Faster charging costs money

Are you in your stomach with the long loading times on the wallbox of such an early I-Pace. Then you are stuck with a copy from after the update (mid-2020). It has an 11 kW on-board charger, with which your exhausted I-Pace can catch its breath a lot faster at the home charging station. Then count on asking prices from 43,000 euros.

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