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Three-in-one targeting high-end business customersThe restaurant "Autumn Harmony" next to the Zhubei High-speed Railway is grandly opened

The autumn and harmony symbolizing a good omen, the midsummer of 2022 is officially located next to the Zhubei High-speed Railway Station.

Located next to the Hsinchu High Speed ​​Rail Station, targeting high-end business customers in the Greater Hsinchu area, it represents the "autumn harmony" that means a good omen, combining 3 fine dining restaurants with "Kaiseki", "Sushi" and "Teppanyaki" and a "Bar"1 The pure drinking bar will officially open in July 2022. Not only does it create an exclusive dining experience for business and private gatherings, it is also a three-in-one operation model that is rare in the catering industry. Fresh seasonal ingredients are flown from Japan to Taiwan every day. The four senior Japanese chefs under it make full use of the ingredients of the four seasons, and provide exquisite cuisine that integrates traditional and modern through the skills and intentions of Japanese chefs.

"Autumn Harmony", a symbol of good omen, is officially located in Zhubei on the eve of Autumn in 2022
In the past two years, the epidemic situation in Taiwan has been severe. Chairman Liu Liqiu Akiko, who has more than ten years of catering experience, and general manager Pierre Yip Yu have not hesitated to spend tens of millions to create a rare high-end catering space in the Greater Hsinchu area. The reason for sharing the name of "Autumn Harmony", Chairman Liu Liqiu Akiko shared, the original intention stemmed from our deep love for Japanese dining culture, "Autumn Harmony in Japanese means the clear sky in autumn, representing a good omen ’, which will be officially opened on the eve of autumn 2022, hoping to present the most sincere and exclusive autumn feast to consumers.

Autumn and restaurant with low-key and calm design texture
Provide guest fine dining service

Chairman Liu Liqiu Akiko used "Kyoto Street" as a metaphor for the space planning and design of the entire store in "Autumn Harmony". The whole is a low-key and steady dark black system, with the texture of natural logs in many places. Every guest enters When you go to the "Autumn Harmony" space, you can not only enjoy the secret and relaxed atmosphere, appreciate the professional spirit of the Japanese chefs, but also experience the colorful changes of diverse Japanese cuisine, which is simple, low-key and full of life. The charming dining space will bring guests a unique and unforgettable cooking experience.

The spatial texture of a street in Kyoto
Provide 4-6 people box service to meet the needs of business gatherings

Fine Dining for Business Exquisite and exclusive three-in-one service to meet the needs of high-end customers
General Manager Pierre Ye Yu said, "Autumn Harmony" is positioned in Fine Dining for Business, mainly serving the needs of high-end business negotiation or private gatherings, paying attention to the characteristics of privacy and low-key, and providing a unique three-in-one dining experience in the shop. Catering services, including "Kaiseki", "Sushi", "Teppanyaki" 3 fine dining and "Bar" 1 pure drinking bar, not only allow guests to enjoy exquisite and exclusive services in a relaxed and comfortable space, but also meet the needs of diversified business or Private party needs.

In autumn and locking high-end business customers, provide exquisite and exclusive Fine Dining for Business
pure drinking bar
Allows guests to enjoy a relaxed conversation after a meal

"Kaiseki" FUKUZAKI & TAKEDA, "Sushi" HATORI, "Teppanyaki" ABE, led by 4 Japanese chefs, three fine dining departments and "Bar", a pure drinking bar, provide guests with a variety of high-end dining experience. Since the restaurant's trial operation on May 23, "Autumn Harmony" has attracted the attention of many major business owners and high-end managers in the Greater Hsinchu area to welcome the upcoming Chinese Valentine's Day and the annual Father's Day, Autumn Harmony The autumn food feast will bring consumers an extraordinary and exclusive unforgettable experience.

Autumn and reservation information (reservation required two days in advance)
Address: 4F, ​​No. 168, Section 2, Fuxing 3rd Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
(Next to HSR Hsinchu Station, Weishun 6+PLAZA 4F, a dedicated elevator hall with independent entrance and exit for guests)
Reservation Tel: 03-6682999, inline
Business Hours: 12:00-22:00
Lunch: 12:00-15:00 (last entry 13:00)
Dinner: 18:00-22:30 (last entry 20:00)
Bar opening hours 21:00-01:00

cost :
【Kaiseki】Gozen NT$ 5,800 + 10% service charge
【Teppanyaki】Gozen NT$ 5,200 + 10% service charge
【Sushi】Gozen NT$ 5,000 + 10% service charge

About Autumn and
Qiu Rihe is located next to Hsinchu High Speed ​​Rail Station. It will open in July 2022. It combines 3 fine dining "Kaiseki", "Sushi", "Teppanyaki" and "Bar" 1 pure drinking bar for business and private gatherings An exclusive dining experience. Using the ingredients of the four seasons, we provide exquisite cuisine that combines tradition and modernity through the skills and intentions of Japanese chefs.
Official website :


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