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Three-pointed star F1 on the roadMercedes-AMG One

・From the Mercedes-AMG Project One program in 2016, it took 6 years to develop.

・The power system is completely transplanted to F1, with a combined horsepower of 1063hp, which can be driven purely by electric front-wheel drive.

・Using a 1.6-liter V6 electronic turbo engine with four electric motors, 0-200km/h takes only 7 seconds.

・The front wheel arch fins and spoiler are both active and can be opened and closed automatically or manually according to the driving mode.

・The world is limited to 275 vehicles, and the overseas price is about 2.7 million US dollars.

Back in 2016, Mercedes-AMG announced the Project One plan, which is expected to launch a limited top supercar, but in the past 6 years, it has always been in the stage of only smelling the stairs. Although the car factory seems to make progress every year, it first announced the information that this car adopts the F1 power system, and then invited the leading F1 champion driver Lewis Hamilton to shoot a number of promotional videos, but the car manufacturer has not given any information on when it will be launched. exact answer. Finally, on June 1, the official release of a series of Mercedes-AMG One photos, and announced that the new car will be unveiled at the Goodwood Speed ​​Carnival in the UK from June 23 to 26, which also means that Project The One plan was born without dystocia and was born smoothly!

Sharpening a sword at the end of six years

Mercedes-AMG, the benchmark for luxury performance car manufacturers, why does it take so long to build a car? The biggest reason is that this new car is full of F1 technology. The reason why these technologies work well in Formula 1 is that they rely on the full support of a large number of technical teams, so that they can be solved at any time when problems arise; secondly, it is the consideration of durability. In F1, whose only goal is to strive for the fastest lap, many consumable parts are not a problem as long as they can survive the race, but car manufacturers cannot apply such parts to mass-produced cars. There are many other details that we can't imagine, all of which depend on the engineering department to debug one by one, which is also the main reason for the late arrival of Mercedes-AMG One.

Mercedes-AMG One is a new car that has been brewing for a long time. Maybe its appearance is no longer surprising, but there is no doubt that it is full of F1 technology.
It took 6 years from concept to production, and it is not difficult to see the complexity of mass production of F1 technology.

Four motor support

The powertrain of the Mercedes-AMG One is based on the racing engine of the 2015 Mercedes F1 team. The internal combustion engine is also a 1.6-liter V6 single-turbo engine, but for the sake of service life, the maximum speed is limited to 11,000rpm, and the maximum horsepower is 574hp/9,000rpm; but even so, this engine must be sent back to the original factory for dismantling every 50,000 kilometers. Solution maintenance. In addition, it is also equipped with four electric motors, two of which are located on the front axle, providing 120kW (163hp) output respectively, and can output different torques according to demand, and can also drive in pure electric mode. These two motors also have the function of kinetic energy recovery to improve the cruising range. According to the original factory data, the 8.4kWh battery pack on this car has a pure electric driving distance of 18.1 kilometers when fully charged. What is more special is that about half of the output of Mercedes-AMG One is supplied by the motor, so it also pays special attention to the energy system, keeping the battery at about 45 degrees Celsius at any time to facilitate rapid charging and discharging; another point is For environmental protection considerations - Mercedes-AMG One will first drive the front wheels (pure electric) when the car is cold started, and heat the catalytic converter at the same time, and the engine will be started when the latter reaches the working temperature, so as to reduce the generation of harmful exhaust gas . As for the other two motors, one is combined with the crankshaft and has the same power of 120kW (163hp), which helps the engine to maximize its performance, while the last motor with a power of 90kW (122hp) is an auxiliary turbocharging system. Simply put It is the electronic turbo, which can eliminate the turbo lag and bring about an output response similar to that of a large-displacement naturally aspirated engine. As for the gearbox, the Mercedes-AMG One uses a seven-speed automatic manual transmission.

After the vehicle is started, the battery temperature will be controlled at around 45 degrees to enhance its charge and discharge performance.

Mercedes-AMG One offers five driving mode options and a set of personalized settings, namely EV pure electric, Race Safe, Race, Race Plus and Start 2. Race Safe is a relatively basic comprehensive setting, which will start the engine according to the situation; Race mode is to keep the engine running continuously to help the battery store power, so as to meet the greater power demand at any time. As for the Race Plus and Start 2 dedicated to the track, the common point is that the front and rear suspensions will be lowered by 37mm and 30mm respectively, and the damping coefficient will be strengthened and the active aerodynamic system will be activated. Of course, the parameters of the engine will also be adjusted accordingly. In addition, this car is also equipped with Race Start, which is the so-called ejection start function (not supported in EV and Race Safe mode), which allows it to accelerate from a standstill to 200km/h in just 7 seconds, and 0-300km/h also It only takes 15.6 seconds to do it!

The pushrod suspension design derived from F1 in order to maintain a lower body center of gravity configuration.

Aerodynamics comes first

Perhaps because after watching it for several years, the Mercedes-AMG One is no longer fresh, but a familiar taste. The design of the huge air intake occupying the entire front of the car is so domineering and pure. As for the three-pointed star factory emblem that shines in front, it is "sprayed" with a special method, which has a unique flavor. Although the engine is designed at the rear axle, most of the cooling work still relies on the air intakes at the front of the car. These hot air will be directed to the black air outlets in front of the front fender and spread to the sides, rather than by the air intakes located on the roof. Air port intake to ensure the excellent performance of the vehicle. Viewed from the side of the car, the roof air intake of Mercedes-AMG One is integrated with the shark fin shape at the rear, which is of course an unrecognizable visual focus of the car; Absolutely, especially with the gradient paint on the rear of the car, it is destined to miss the low-key.

Like most supercars, it has a front axle lift system, and the tires are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R M01 special tires for supercars.
The glittering three-pointed star factory emblem is actually made of special technology, which can be seen but not touched.
Although the appearance is an out-and-out supercar, this car can also be used as a means of transportation on pure electric driving.

The Mercedes-AMG One has excellent active aerodynamics and can be adjusted according to the aforementioned driving modes. For example, in off-track mode, the fins on the front wheel arches are closed, the front diffuser flaps are opened, and the rear wing is fully retracted; in the two track modes, Race Plus and Start 2, everything is set. On the contrary, and the height of the car will also decrease, the downforce that can be generated at this time can reach up to 5 times that in the non-track mode. In addition, the Race DRS drag reduction system, like the F1, can be activated through the buttons on the steering wheel, which makes it easier for the driver to reach high speeds when sprinting in a straight line (due to a 20% reduction in downforce) and enjoy more extreme driving pleasure.

The insolent aerodynamic kit is not only full of visual effects, but also generates downforce from 50km/h.
Active fins on the front wheel arches increase front axle downforce at high speeds, improving vehicle stability.
The spoiler at the rear of the car is hydraulically controlled and can be automatically adjusted with the driving mode or manually opened and closed.
The hood is composed of two carbon fiber panels, which are also designed with aerodynamic effects in mind.

Minimalist double seat

Compared with the high-profile style of the exterior of the body, the cockpit of the Mercedes-AMG One is obviously much "simple", basically running through the entire cabin with black as the main axis. Open the Euro-wing door, and the monocoque cockpit made of carbon fiber is covered with Nappa leather and Dynamica suede, showing a cool but human-like layout. Sitting in the driver's seat, except that the shape of the steering wheel is slightly different from that of ordinary passenger cars, you can quickly find the control methods for various operations on the panel, and the steering wheel also provides electric adjustment functions; the only thing you need to get used to is two The seats are all fixed bucket seats, which can only be adjusted in two stages (25 or 30 degrees). As for the brakes and accelerators, 11 front and rear positions can be adjusted. So, as long as you can fit this racing seat, I think you should be able to drive this hot-blooded horse.

The cockpit that can accommodate two people is very simple, and the biggest highlight is the square steering wheel from F1.
The fixed seat is adjustable at two angles, and the pedal box and steering wheel can also be adjusted separately.
The two sides of the steering wheel are the common shortcut keys of commercially available cars, and the upper half is the F1-specific function button.
The driving instrument may seem unremarkable, but the rev scale as high as 11,000rpm is a bit of a mystery.

Even though the two 10-inch digital displays look a little thin, they can be said to have everything in function, including all the important information needed for driving, or the navigation and entertainment that are indispensable for long-distance travel. in. Drive Mercedes-AMG One, no matter your destination is a racetrack or an office, I believe it can live up to your expectations and perfectly perform your every travel task.

Mercedes-AMG One Spec Sheet


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