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Tigers can also be kawaii

As the epidemic gradually begins to coexist with our lives, consumers have begun to enter the usual daily consumption patterns, which means that the distance between us from energetic travel and free life will gradually narrow. In order to make the second half of 2022, Taiwan is able to raise a good omen of vitality. The pioneer of Taiwanese watch design - Aileshi, launched the limited edition of Tiger and Stone Tiger in the Year of the Tiger this month, striving to bring Taiwanese consumers the original Taiwanese watchmaking style that exceeds the market value. .

The Philharmonic, whose design concept is always at the forefront, is good at the ingenuity and characterization of faceplate design, and is favored by countless European micro-brand fans. , out of the vision and ambition of Asia.

The Philharmonic Year of the Tiger commemorative watch, which officially debuted this month, has a vivid tiger face on the dial, referring to the perfect combination of the lion and tiger demeanor of many Minsheng historic sites, giving the watch a unique style of fierce appearance and joy. Under the echo of the black PVD model, the watch model has more visual elements of "cool and trendy". At the same time, in order to match the tiger-style elements of the watch model, the strap is an unmissable visual highlight, which is widely used in the brand design team. The layered washing and coloring technology, while using the natural leather texture, adds the finishing touch to the design of the local tiger pattern, so as to exude a more practical and collectible overall atmosphere.

Aileshi has always believed that the watches launched by the brand are not only creative watches that consumers can love, but also have economical and practical wear considerations, and are treasures full of commemorative significance. The Year of the Tiger commemorative watch is not only a beautiful watch, but also matched with a delicate watch box and a beautiful commemorative cool card, showing the creative thinking and the core concept of the brand beyond the conventional market, and strive to inject an endless stream of professional watchmaking industry in Taiwan. new vitality.

Technical Information

Movement: Japan SEIKO automatic movement

Function: Automatic mechanical movement, luminous display

Limited edition: 250 tigers and 250 stone tigers each

Mirror: Sapphire glass (mirror anti-glare treatment)

Luminous: Swiss Super Luminous (SUPER LUMINOVA)

Diameter: 45.5mm

Waterproof depth: 100m

Price: NT$ 16,900


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