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Time to move! Which of these must-do lists have you completed?

Recently, many netizens shared their "completed life list" on Instagram, crossed out the things that have been done, and then looked at the things that have not been done. While reviewing past experiences, many people have also begun to discuss the "must-do list in life". What are the things that netizens have listed as not to be missed in this life? If you want to know, let's watch it together!

"Social Lab Community Lab" uses "OpView Community Word-of-mouth Database" to track the online performance of the "must do in life" topic in the past year, and let you know what are the top 6 must-do lists in life that netizens are talking about.

householdOutdoor activities become popular must-do items "This thing" makes netizens want to do it but dare not do it?

Observing the relevant discussions about what to do in life, I found that "appreciating the beauty of nature", "trying outdoor activities" and "travelling alone" related to the outdoors are all discussed. Among them, "appreciating the beauty of nature" is something that many people think they must do. For example, "appreciating the aurora" is the dream of many netizens. Because the whole journey is expensive and difficult to see, many people say " Aurora is also a lifetime series for me", "I also want to see the aurora, my life goal". On the other hand, "watching the sunrise" on the mountain is also a common must-do item. Some netizens said that "one of the must-do lists in life is to stand on the highest point in Taiwan and enjoy the beautiful sunrise", and mentioned that going to "Ali" Sunrise viewing from places such as Mt. and Yushan is definitely a treat not to be missed.

There are also many discussions on "trying outdoor activities" and "travelling alone", especially in recent years, popular "outdoor activities" such as "climbing" and "camping" are very popular among netizens. It's the things I want to accomplish on my life list", "The must-do thing in life is to experience camping under the cherry trees", etc. In addition, in the discussion of "Traveling alone", many people also shared "Before the outbreak of the epidemic in Taiwan, I unlocked one of the list of must-do things in life, "One person trains around the island", "The must-do things in life, I think it's a trip abroad alone", and listed out the list of must-do things in my life.

On the other hand, during the student days, they were often listed as "all night long" and "reforming themselves" that they wanted to do but did not dare to do. Many netizens also paid attention to it. Among them, "all night long" would do "night singing" ” and “Night Chong” were the most hotly debated, with some netizens saying “I want to unlock all-night singing”, “Do a crazy thing: Night Chong”, etc.; while others think that “reforming yourself” is a must try in life things like "dyeing" and "tattooing", some netizens shared that "this year, I removed bleaching from the list of life before the age of 30 because I wanted to do something rebellious", "Dyeing my hair is really me One of the list of life, but there are really a lot of scruples about dyeing hair", etc. It can be seen that it takes courage to transform yourself.

In addition, "being a fan chasing stars" is also a hot topic. Many netizens believe that being able to see the concerts of their favorite artists is a major achievement in their pursuit of stars, and they say "100 things you must do in life, One of them is to watch a superstar concert", "One of the happiest unlocks last year is to go to one of the lists that many people say they must do in life, the Taiwan Tiantuan Mayday concert" and so on.

There are many dreams in everyone's life, there are things that are easy to achieve, and there are things that are difficult to achieve, but no matter what, setting goals first is the most important thing. Do you also have things you want to do but haven't completed yet? You may wish to refer to the sharing of netizens and make a must-do list in your life!


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