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Top 10 - The most popular reports of 2023 -

New cars are solid and still smell new. But for great car stories we look for enthusiasts who experience the most crazy adventures with their classic or youngtimer. Like Hendrik with his 1996 BMW 750i: "When I saw in Bavaria that the needle of the temperature gauge suddenly shot up, I immediately knew: this is wrong!" These are the 10 most read reports of 2023.


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1 - Hendrik was very happy with his BMW 750i, until things went terribly wrong on the autobahn

The most popular report of this year was that of Hendrik's BMW 750i. And we completely understand that. The 750i has a wonderful twelve-cylinder engine under the hood and is easy to get. Although the car drives fantastic, things went terribly wrong a while ago ...

2 - Bavo Galama discovers a hidden museum full of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys

Rolls Royce and Bentley are among the absolute elite when it comes to cars. That is why it is very special when a lot of copies are put together. Bavo Galama visited a hidden museum full of renowned luxury models in Arnhem.

3 - Nick about his rare Honda Accord: "Most mechanics are younger"

The Honda Accord Coupé is even rarer than many supercars in the Netherlands. That's why it's extra special when a copy is cherished. Nick fell for the Japanese man's charms and does everything he can to keep the Accord in top condition.

4 - Harm about his Mercedes W123: "My children don't mind it"

The Mercedes W123 is one of the most legendary models of the German brand. Harm is very proud of his copy, although not everyone in his family is enthusiastic about the Mercedes.

5 - Jan after almost 450,000 km in the Citroën C6: "This one will never go away"

The Citroën C6 is an example of a real Citroën: quirky and oh so comfortable. Yet the car flopped hopelessly in the Netherlands. Jan immediately appreciated the value of the C6 and plans to keep his copy until it dies.

6 - Frans drives his 33-year-old Volkswagen Golf II to Italy: "Nothing will happen to it"

When we talk about iconic car models, the Volkswagen Golf has to be at the top. Frans is happy with his Golf and has made it a mission to keep the classic Volkswagen as original as possible.

7 - Tom about his Rover 75: "According to my father, I spend more money on water than on petrol"

Rover did not survive as a brand, but it did bring some beautiful and comfortable cars to the market. The Rover 75 is an excellent example of this, and owner Tom does everything he can to keep this sedan on the road. He goes so far as to possibly spend more money on water than on gasoline.

8 - Erik about his Saab 900: "It is very old in years, but it looks and drives like new"

Saab also went under. During their active years, the Swedes have built up a very loyal and active supporter base, including Erik Meijer. Erik has several Saabs, but his Saab 900 sedan is secretly his favorite.

9 - Bavo Galama meets the only female classic mechanic in our country

Female mechanics are scarce anyway, but looking for a female classic mechanic is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Yet Bavo found that pin in the form of Leontien van Brummelen.

10 - Wessel about his Opel Ascona B (1980): "Originally it was rust brown metallic, but I thought that was such an old-fashioned color"

Opel was the most popular brand in the Netherlands between the 1970s and 1990s. Wessel's Opel Ascona B was also launched during this period. This originally rolled off the production line in rust brown metallic, but is now bright orange.

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