Categories: News Top en flop: Het goede en slechte autonieuws van week 19

Top and flop: The good and bad car news of week 19

Top - Rust looks good on the new Land Rover Defender

Old Land Rovers (and Range Rovers) don't have the best reputation for reliability and susceptibility to rust. But with the latest models, Land Rover has those gremlins under control, you would think. And that is true, but this brand new Land Rover Defender rusts like crazy. Just look at the pictures ...

Top - Facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace: the long-legged SUV is back

Almost a year ago, the facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan was presented. Why Volkswagen has waited so long to launch the refreshed Tiguan Allspace is a mystery, but here it is finally: the SUV for passengers with extremely long legs.

Top - The BMW 128ti cuts the legs of the Ford Focus ST

BMW ventures into a terrain where it has not been for a long time: that of the pocket rockets, the boy racers - the GTI. An emblem will also return with sweet memories. We are introduced to the youngest and perhaps the nicest variant of the current 1-series: the BMW 128ti.

Flop - Americans see a roundabout for the first time and don't understand it

In the Netherlands you come across a roundabout every few kilometers. And whatever you think of that, it does improve road safety. That is, if you understand how a roundabout works. Because the very first roundabout in Rowan County, Kentucky, created doubt, confusion and unsafe situations. American drivers don't understand anything about it, as you can see in this video.

Flop - Miscreants demolish Lancia Delta Integrale engine! Make it electric

We are not so quick to shout 'sacrilege!', But in this case we can barely swallow the s-word. Because removing the engine from a Lancia Delta HF Integrale and making it electric is quite controversial. The 2.0-liter turbo four cylinder gave the Integrale its character.

Flop - Politician supporting ban on calling behind the wheel drives car during Zoom meeting

You're not making this up. Andrew Brenner - a Republican senator from the state of Ohio - is in favor of a ban on calling behind the wheel. But the day that legislation was introduced, he was caught at a Zoom meeting. He tried to pretend he was in an office listening in, but was actually driving.

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