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Top and flop - the good and bad car news of week 21 (2023)

Friday afternoon, half past five. Computer off, the door of your workplace can be closed behind you, the weekend has started. On we look back on a week in which BMW makes us happy with a new 5-series and German car brands are not nearly as reliable as you think. Good news, bad news. Top and flop.

+ Top 1: the BMW i5/5 series is quite acceptable

How BMW scared us with cars like the i7 and - especially - the XM. Have they completely lost it in the design field? Fortunately not, the 5-series (now also electric as i5) is great!

Ready, set, go!

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+ Top 2: These brands and models still use real buttons

In new cars you sometimes find yourself searching for the control of the air conditioning, ventilation and audio. It is then located in the deepest recesses of the central display of the dashboard. How should it be? We are looking for real buttons!

+ Top 3: Japanese cars hold their value

Okay, you say, we already knew this. But which ten cars are really the most stable in value? We made a list and betrayed that it contains one European brand. Oh yes, and number 8 will surprise you…

- Flop 1: German cars are not that reliable

German cars may hold their value, but are they reliable? That was one time. Not one, not two, not three, but four studies prove that they score moderately! There is one bright spot: the older, the more reliable.

- Flop 2: Chinese car market takes over the world

Get used to it, the Chinese auto industry is unstoppable. For the first time, China overtakes Japan as the largest car exporter and this makes many European CEOs extremely nervous.

- Flop 3: Toyota says that it is not going that fast with EV for the time being

Toyota thinks full electrification of the car market is still a long way off. And then also really far away; the Japanese speak of decades. But how seriously should we take this from a brand that is lagging behind in the electrification of its fleet?


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