Categories: News Top en flop: het goede en slechte autonieuws van week 31

Top and flop: the good and bad car news of week 31

+ Top - What a Morgan SUV would look like? Like this magisterial Morgan Plus Four CX-T

SUVs and crossovers are popular, Morgan must have thought: let's try to eat a piece of the SUV pie too? And so the British manufacturer came up with this Morgan Plus Four CX-T. The eccentric colossus is full of Dakar technology, is built in an edition of eight pieces and costs about 200,000 euros, excluding taxes.

+ Top - Gold medal at the finish? Motorsport used to be part of the Olympics too!

Is motorsport sport? Yes! But is motorsport also an Olympic sport? New! You will not encounter a driver in racing overalls at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. How different it was in 1900, when racing was an Olympic sport.

+ Top - Record Sales! Already sold more motorhomes than in the whole of 2020

Sales of motorhomes and caravans are going through the roof. The corona crisis has ensured that people prefer to stay closer to home on holiday. They are looking for freedom, but do not want to share facilities with other people. And then a motorhome or caravan is ideal.

- Flop - Only one of these cars was sold in July!

July 2021 was a bad month for the Dutch car industry. Compared to the same month last year, 22 percent fewer new cars were registered. Kia again topped the rankings, with the Kia Niro as the most popular model. But we want to know: of which cars was only one registered in July?

- Flop - Panic football? Toyota still lobbies fiercely against electric cars

Toyota is the pioneer in hybrid technology, but lags far behind the competition when it comes to fully electric cars. The Japanese manufacturer is therefore trying to win time and is lobbying hard worldwide to slow down the adoption of EVs. In the United States, Toyota donates lavishly to Republican politicians who deny climate change.

- Flop - See the doll, locker closed! This 5000 hp strong Devel Sixteen will never go into production

The Devel Sixteen was presented in 2013 at the Dubai auto show and immediately made us scratch our heads. A 12.3 liter V16 with four turbos? More than 5000 hp? It sounded totally unfeasible. And out of time...

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