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Top and flop - the good and bad car news of week 34 (2023) -

Friday afternoon, half past five. Computer off, the door of your workplace can be closed behind you, the weekend has started. On we look back on a week in which Mercedes does not bow to criticism and the price reduction of the Peugeot e-308 is less good news than it seems. Good news, bad news. Top and flop.

+ Top - Mercedes-AMG does not bend

The Mercedes C63 and E63 AMG get final no V8. With this, Mercedes-AMG makes short work of the rumors that this would happen. The C63 AMG remains a four-cylinder plug-in hybrid. The upcoming E63 AMG will have a six-cylinder in-line with electrical assistance. No V8 sounds like a flop, but we think that Mercedes-AMG does not succumb to criticism. Moreover: the C63 delivers 680 hp. Buoys, that V8.

+ Top - Lexus does it again

Lexus has been named the most reliable car brand. That occurs more often. In America, for example. Here, Lexus is one of the most popular premium car brands. That actually started with the first Lexus ever, the LS 400 from 1989. Mileages of more than 5 tons are not unusual for this sedan. Lexus is less popular in the Netherlands. We still consider that one of the great mysteries of life.

+ Top - Fuel is becoming considerably more expensive

As of January 1, fuel threatens to become so expensive that you first have to take out a loan before you can fill up your car. This is due to an increase in excise duties and because the previously introduced excise duty reduction is coming to an end. Count on almost 2.45 euros for a liter of petrol along the highway. That is not great at all, but who knows, it will be a lot quieter on the road now. And that's great.


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- Flop - Peugeot e-308 is cheaper

It's starting to look like a somewhat strange Top and Flop this week. That the Peugeot e-308 almost 5000 euros cheaper has become (including subsidy) sounds great. But if you look closer, you will discover that the electric 308 is not yet the bargain of the month. The prices now start at 43,585 euros. The Volkswagen ID.3 after the facelift costs 42,690 euros. Then you also get 204 hp instead of 156 hp.

- Flop - Mercedes-AMG GT gets a back seat

We never understood it: that small backseat or those tiny seats in the back of a sports car. You can't sit there properly anyway. Or you must be a hobbit. Children then? Yeah, okay, but they get big. Then you immediately buy a GT 4-door Coupé? Anyway: the new Mercedes AMG GT now has (optional) two seats in the back. What a party ... It will be a real party with the bi-turbo V8.

- Flop - Of course it never works out that way

We should all switch to electric cars, says the government. But for the time being, electric driving is only getting more and more expensive. Road tax is coming and that is bad news for those who drive a heavy EV. It is therefore expected that sales of electric cars comes under strong pressure. Can the government still turn the tide?

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