Categories: News Top en flop: het goede en slechte autonieuws van week 34

Top and flop: the good and bad car news of week 34

Fast charging does the Hyundai Ioniq 5 as the best. At least, that's what the folder promises. But how does it work in practice? Does the Ioniq 5 really achieve a charging power of 220 kW? Here's the answer.

+ Top - First review Skoda Fabia: why would you want another Volkswagen Polo?

We wouldn't be surprised if the word 'fabia' in Czech means 'sensible'. Because the fourth generation Skoda Fabia is also smart, thoughtful and sober. There are nicer competitors (Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 208), but none more spacious.

+ Top - Cult colors for Porsche Taycan: don't hesitate to order it in gray!

If you come across a Porsche Taycan in the Netherlands, nine times out of ten it is made in black, gray or silver. And that while you can order the electric four-door sports car in such great colors, especially after the update that Porsche is now implementing. The Taycan will get a little more range and can now be ordered in historic colors, such as Rubystar red.

- Flop - Why did a Volkswagen ID.3 catch fire in Groningen?

Earlier this month, an electric Volkswagen ID.3 just caught fire. The driver from Groningen had just pulled the charging plug from the car when she saw smoke coming from under the car. Volkswagen says it will investigate the cause.

- Flop - When Tesla comes with a human robot, we will eat our shoes

And here we go again... Tesla boss Elon Musk always shouts things and then goes back on his promises later. For example, where is that fleet of fully self-driving taxis that he would have on the road by 2020? This is one of the reasons why we believe little of his claim that Tesla will present a prototype of a human robot next year.

- Flop - German car imported? There is a good chance that the mileage is incorrect

Importing a car from Germany is very simple and therefore very popular. This is partly because the second-hand prices at our eastern neighbors are often somewhat lower and the offer is huge. But be careful! One in three used cars in Germany has a rolled back mileage.

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