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Top and flop - the good and bad car news of week 35 (2023) -

Friday afternoon, half past four. Computer off, the door of your workplace can be closed behind you, the weekend has started. On we look back on a week in which Porsche unveils the most powerful Cayenne to date and the new electric Mini has more range, but also does not get very far. Good news, bad news. Top and flop.

+ Top - Strongest Porsche Cayenne ever

The Porsche Cayenne will be fully electric, but before that, Porsche treats you to the strongest Cayenne ever, the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo. With the addition of E-Hybrid, that is. That's right, a plug-in hybrid SUV. We can live with that. Never before has the German SUV had so much power, namely 739 hp. However, it does not stop here, we expect.

+ Top - Mercedes imitates Tesla

Fast charging your expensive electric Mercedes at a Tesla Supercharger is collaborating with the enemy. What you want is a fast charger from Mercedes itself, including star. That's good, because Mercedes has announced that its first fast charger operational is. It is a pity that it is all the way in Mannheim, Germany. But eventually there should be more than 10,000. Tesla drivers are very welcome, but pay a higher electricity rate.

+ Top - Camping becomes fun

We don't like camping and prefer to spend the night at the Hilton. At least until we this retro camper from Citroën saws. Now we can't wait for the summer holidays of 2024 to arrive. Because then the Citroën Type Holidays will be available and camping will be more fun than ever. we think. In any case, we like it more than that other new camper from Volkswagen, the California.


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- Flop - Nice, but priceless and sold out

Of Alfa Romeo Stradale 33 looks great. There is no discussion about that. But come on, Alfa, when will there be a new model that doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of euros and is produced more than 33 times? A successor to the Giulietta, for example. The people benefit more from that. By the way, all 33 pieces of Alfa's new sports toy are sold out. Speaking of bad news…

- Flop - In the summer on winter tires

Many motorists continue to use winter tires in the summer. That's not a good idea for several reasons. Why people do it anyway, mainly has to do with money. Skipping the tire change is believed to save euros. In the accompanying news item about winter tires we will give you a better suggestion.

- Flop - Further, but not very far

What the new electric Mini would look like was already known. But now it's official. The improved range is now also clear: 305 kilometers for the Cooper. That's more than before. But what remains of this if you drive sporty, is still the question. Probably less than 300 kilometers. Because it is precisely a Mini that invites sporty driving. Fortunately, the Cooper S goes a lot further: 402 kilometers - according to the WLTP cycle that is.

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