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Top and flop - the good and bad car news of week 36 (2023) -

Friday afternoon, half past four. Computer off, the door of your workplace can be closed behind you, the weekend has started. On we look back on a week in which BMW and Volkswagen dived into their rich past and Lotus again came up with a heavy device. Good news, bad news. Top and flop.

+ Top - New Class is back

It always seemed like provocations from BMW's chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk. Were models like the BMW XM and the BMW i7 really beautiful? Mwah, we express ourselves carefully. But look at this Vision Neue Class, a nod to the models of the sixties. From 2025 stylish, minimalist design trump card among BMW's electric cars.

+ Top - Volkswagen Golf does not disappear

When the ID.3 came on the market, everyone thought that the Volkswagen Golf had had its day. The current generation would retire in 2028. But Volkswagen seems to realize that the ID models are very distant and not really 'of the Volkswagens'. If people are to love Volkswagen again, the advances of the Golf are indispensable. And thus the Golf will remain on board in 2028with electric motor.

+ Top - Renault Megane E-Tech with subsidy

The price reductions for electric cars have been flying around us lately. That doesn't immediately make them bargains, but every little bit helps. So are all versions of the beautiful Megane E-Tech now cheaper than 45,000 euros and the government therefore gives you a subsidy with the purchase.


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- Flop - a heavy Lotus, it takes getting used to

Come on, this is a small flop. Because being natural the performance, the luxury and the loading speed of the Lotus Emeya impressive. Only we still have to think about those fun further weight sports cars of yesteryear. But yeah, no one bought it. And so we understand that Lotus does everything differently now that it is Chinese.

- Flop - a pity that this car only comes to the Netherlands with a plug

SsangYong is now called KGM and it looks like it has given the designers renewed inspiration. We drove in the nice looking Torres, with 163 hp petrol engine. Only it will not come to the Netherlands because of the huge bpm amount, which would amount to 20,000 euros. For those who have fallen in love with the design: we do get the Torres as an electric variant.

- Flop - car sales level off

New cars that are registered are almost exclusively (private) leases. Electric cars in particular are not attractive to a private buyer, and that is one of the reasons why the car sales of August 2023 are not as positive as those of the previous months.


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