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Top craft suitcases, all-match travel companions for successful peopleYuppie city gentlemen must travel

The new year is coming, ushering in a 9-day Spring Festival holiday. Whether it is a business trip or a return home for an outing, for successful business people, yuppie gentlemen and smart and confident women need to meet each other. A good travel companion for lining, CROWN, a luggage brand with top-notch craftsmanship as its brand value, launched a proposal for stylish and individual travel items in January at the beginning of the new year, such as extremely light and colorful trolley cases, geometric cross cases, pearlescent horizontal The pattern box series, neat and tangible appearance, delicate and practical high-performance storage design, can conveniently accompany the "box" in every travel itinerary, the low-key and elegant luxury sense not only sets off the unique taste of successful people , excellent function and excellent quality, every trip in 2022 will be accompanied by each other and leave the most beautiful memories.

In terms of appearance, the recommended model in January is to prepare a simple box shape for business, intellectual, handsome men and women, which should be enough to match the hard work of the journey. It is made of German Bayer PC, which is collision-resistant and wear-resistant. 360-degree wear-resistant mute wheels run more smoothly. On the journey, the U.S. Customs certified TSA key lock, the top aluminum alloy smooth and infinitely segmented pull rod are easy to push and pull, and keep up with the tight rhythm at any time at important moments. CROWN, with more than 60 years of industry experience, is famous all over the world and uses high quality as success Add one more.

The external and delicate space also comes from perfect planning. Intellectual and successful people go out without laptops and 3C equipment. The recommended models in January are equipped with multiple compartment bags to make storage and classification easier and to efficiently divide the equipment needs for travel. , quickly find the required documents and all kinds of accessories, CROWN even launched a 30% discount below the market price of designated boxes at special counters and major e-commerce channels MOMO shopping, Shopee shopping, etc.! The pearl striated box has an exclusive combination price on COSTCO's official website. Three sizes are only $8,999!Traveling is accompanied by this coffee, efficient storage, leisurely and leisurely

2022Recommended – very light colorful trolley case

CROWN ultra-light and colorful trolley case with dark blue or orange frame, 19-inch boarding case from 3 kg ~ 5.75 kg to make 29-inch luggage 100% German Bayer PC impact-resistant plastic shell Lightweight, matte case shell The texture is beautiful and wear-resistant, and it is accompanied by a colorful anodized aluminum frame to set off every journey. Lightweight and delicate Japanese design, ergonomic top aluminum alloy smooth and bouncing rod without gripping hands, easy to pull up at any time and instantly ready to go into battle, also from Japan hinomoto 360-degree wear-resistant mute wheel, well-known Japanese manufacturer accessories are of good quality Use it to know the superiority and inferiority.

Equipped with separate bags of various sizes, it is easier to store and classify, and it is easy to find and meet various travel needs. The inner zipper is matched with the same color of the aluminum frame, whether it is dark blue or orange, the low-key makeup can add more fashion style. U.S. Customs certified TSA key lock, no panic when you need to check and take items, and easily deal with each level. Sizes from 19-inch boarding case, 23-inch, 25-inch, and 29-inch are available. There are a variety of one-off sets, which are good-looking, easy-to-use and modern.

2022Recommended – Geometric Cross Box

I believe that many people have had this experience. Among the many suitcases at the meeting point, it is always difficult to find your suitcase at a glance! There are too many boxes that lack the same characteristics. If you want to quickly find your own box to save time, then choose the CROWN geometric cross box.

CROWN's long-selling geometric cross box has excellent Dutch orange, royal red, and new dark blue box colors to choose from. 100% German Bayer PC plastic box matte shell has beautiful texture, wear resistance and collision resistance. It is the most fragile in the box. The corners are protected by anti-collision corner guards, which can withstand the test of the journey no matter how long you use it.

The ergonomic top aluminum alloy smooth and infinitely segmented lever can stop at any height, with a 65mm large diameter Japanese hinomoto 360-degree wear-resistant mute wheel, cleverly choose a wheel combination of 65mm rear wheel and 50mm front wheel, during the journey Whether it is two-wheel towing or four-wheel pushing, it is easy and smooth, and it can travel smoothly from multiple angles. The external design of the trolley allows the interior to be flat and easy to carry luggage, especially for 3C products such as notebook computers, or business documents to be proposed. The flat interior space is a thoughtful design recommended by word of mouth. There are multiple compartments inside for easy storage and sorting. U.S. Customs certified TSA key lock, which is more convenient at critical moments when entering and leaving the country. The size design is available from 19-inch boarding case, 24-inch, 27-inch, and 29-inch. The eye-catching but elegant and stable color is indeed worth having a full set. Business trips or visiting friends and relatives, every trip can accompany you beautifully.

2022Recommended – Pearlescent Striped Box

With simple three-dimensional horizontal stripes and luxurious matte surface, the pearlescent horizontal pattern box is a high-quality product of CROWN. The appearance of the lightweight pearlescent PC plastic case is made of pearlescent iron gray and pearlescent wine red to create a calm yet gorgeous and fashionable atmosphere. The sense of maturity, the overall sense of the box is generous and stable, the yuppie gentleman or the neat and confident strong woman can use it to show a professional quality, and it can be highly appreciated wherever you go.

The high specification of materials is the main key to CROWN's praise. The pearl-glazed cross-grain box is equipped with 360-degree wear-resistant mute wheels from Japan's hinomoto, with ergonomic top aluminum alloy smooth multi-stage pull rod, and US customs certified TSA key lock , The choice of many materials makes the CP value of this box break the table. The suggested prices of 21 inches, 26 inches, and 29 inches are very competitive.

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