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"Toyota 4WD Sport" is still this one! The 8th generation GR Celica looks "also" very fast

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●Toyota "GR Celica" expected CG image to become a topic
●Expected specifications of GR Celica
●It has applied for a trademark, and it is rumored that this may be a hint of resurrection

Toyota "GR Celica" expected CG image to become a topic


On May 9, 2022, the Australian automotive media "DRIVE" announced the expected CG image of the "Celica" sold by Toyota in the past.
The CG image is expected to be a coupe that shares a chassis platform with the Corolla, just like the seventh-generation Celica sold until 2006.
The front of the car has sharp-looking triangular headlights and a large four-corner grille that symbolizes the GR model. The center of the hood has a large air intake reminiscent of the Celica GT-FOUR.


Designs such as slightly protruding fenders on the side and aggressive side skirt shapes create a sporty and powerful atmosphere.
The rear gap design is reminiscent of Lexus' legendary sports car "LFA", and the taillight shape is similar to the new BEV "bZ4X". The bumper-facing design is also used to emphasize the sense of speed.
The three protruding exhaust pipes of the GR Corolla can also be seen in the picture.

Expected CG images of normal models other than GR have also been announced


In addition to the GR, an expected CG image of the regular model has also been announced. Changes have been made to the air intakes, hood air intakes, fender perimeters, etc. The bumper design is reminiscent of the Corolla Sport.


The rear of the car has fewer changes than the front, and the muffler exhaust pipes have become one on each side of the left and right. It is the same as the Corolla Sport and GR Corolla in that there are 2 for the regular model and 3 for the GR model.

The overall design adopts the horizontal tone that can be seen on Toyota's main models.

Expected specifications of the GR Celica

If Celica is resurrected, the chassis platform should most likely use the same "GA-C" as the Corolla series.
It is speculated that the power system will be equipped with the same 1.6L 3-cylinder turbo "G16E-GTS" engine as the GR Yaris and GR Corolla, plus a 6-speed MT and Sport 4WD system "GR-FOUR".

It has higher power performance than the GR Corolla, with a maximum output of nearly 320PS and a maximum torque of nearly 400N・m.

A trademark has been applied for, and it is rumored that this may be a hint of resurrection

Celica trademark filed in the US in 2021

Although the launch of the new Celica is still undecided, North America has already applied for the "CELICA" trademark in 2017 and 2021.

The Celica trademark was registered for the first time in North America in 1973. Considering that there is no sign of re-application until 2017, it is very likely that this time is not a simple renewal of the trademark. In other words, it is possible that Celica will be unveiled in the near future.

Toyota's top executive, Akio Toyoda, has previously said that they will focus on selling youth-oriented sports cars. And as he said, there are GR Supra, GR86 and GR models in the current product lineup.
Furthermore, according to an interview with the American "Road & Track" magazine, Kafei, who is engaged in the development of Toyota Supra, also said: "Supra has been resurrected, and the next is Celica and MR2." These three cars, formerly known as "The Three Brothers", are deeply related to each other.

Considering that new models such as the GR Supra and GR86 are co-developed with other manufacturers, it is possible that the Celica and MR2 will adopt the same model when they are resurrected.

Will it be available in the US first?

Celica is a very popular model in the North American market, and its trademark is also registered in the US Patent Office. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the United States will start selling first.
If the new Celica is sold in Japan, the introduction time should be about a year later than overseas.
Considering that Supra was resurrected after 17 years in 2019, it is speculated that Celica's resurrection will not wait until at least 2022.

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