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Toyota Alphard, the new business car

●New fourth-generation models, introduced in a single specification

●New generation domineering styling design and digital cockpit layout

●Equipped with new 2.5L petrol-electric power, with a combined output of 250hp

●Domestic launch time: June 21, 2023

●Recommended selling price: 3.15 million yuan

Following the new generation Lexus LM unveiled at this year's Shanghai Auto Show, the new fourth generation Alphard, which many business people have been looking forward to, will finally be officially unveiled to the world on June 21. What's special is that the release time for the Taiwan market is right after the original factory in Japan. The world premiere event took place only 2 hours later, fully demonstrating the importance it attaches to domestic consumers. The new car also adopts a single specification introduction strategy, but does not introduce the top-of-the-line Executive Lounge version compared to the previous generation. With both power specifications and equipment levels improved, the price still increased significantly by 230,000 yuan to 3.15 million yuan. , the industry stated that the first batch of quotas is only 500 units, and they will continue to fight for the original manufacturers to meet domestic demand.

Dazzling and unmistakable

The overall styling design of the new fourth-generation Alphard is not much different from the current three-generation cars commonly seen on the road. Whether it is the domineering front or the special folded side profile, people can immediately think of it. However, the layout of the lines everywhere is obviously more delicate and refined, such as the double-sided The line-shaped daytime running lights are cleverly integrated into both sides of the water tank guard, the chrome window frame outlines a unique outline, and the car series emblem is integrated into the B-pillar position. In addition, in terms of body size, the new car exceeds 5 meters for the first time because it is 65mm longer. Off, reaching 5010mm, the car width remains at 1850mm, the car height increases by 60mm to 1950, and the wheelbase remains unchanged at 3000mm. It is more about the adjustment of the overall shape and posture, and has little impact on the actual interior space performance.

The styling design of the new generation Alphard continues its domineering and luxurious style, and its length also exceeds the 5-meter mark for the first time.
The car series' exclusive emblems on the front and rear of the car have been moved to the B-pillar, so middle-row passengers can see them when they get in the car.
Additional electric tailgate opening buttons are added to the bottom of the taillights on both sides, making operation easier and more convenient.

The layout of the new car console is also completely new. In addition to the standard 12.3-inch digital instrument and 14-inch touch multimedia screen, the steering wheel has also been changed to a new style with touch tracking functions on both sides. The highlight is naturally the use of electric extra-long slide rails. The second-row seats designed with Ottoman footrests have electric adjustment, heating/ventilation and other functions. At the same time, a detachable second-row exclusive wireless touch panel is added, which can adjust the seats, lights, sunshades and audio-visual system. , in addition, the left and right independent panoramic sunroofs have been upgraded. Four-zone independent climate control and 64-color mood lights can create an exclusive atmosphere. You can also enjoy audio-visual entertainment with a 14-inch ceiling-mounted screen in the rear seat and a JBL Premium Sound sound system.

The console layout is also completely new, and comes standard with a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 14-inch touch multimedia screen.
The second-row seats use electric extra-long slide rails and Ottoman footrest designs, and also have electric adjustment, heating/ventilation and other functions.
A new detachable second-row exclusive wireless touch panel has been added, which can adjust seats, lights, sunshades and audio-visual systems.
The new car has been upgraded with left and right independent panoramic sunroofs, four-zone independent constant temperature air conditioning and 64-color atmosphere lights to create an exclusive atmosphere.

Simultaneous upgrade of power chassis

Although at first glance it has the same 2.5L gasoline-electric power configuration as the previous generation, the new car is equipped with a new 2.5L (actual displacement 2487c.c.) A25A-FXS straight-four gasoline engine. The maximum output is higher than that of the previous model. 117hp/20.2kgm has increased significantly to 188hp/23.8kgm. At the same time, the output of the front electric motor has also been increased from 143hp/27.5kgm to 182hp/27.5kgm. Only the rear motor has been reduced from 68hp/14.2kgm to 54hp/12.3kgm. After re-adjustment, not only the comprehensive output jumped from 163hp to 250hp, but also the average fuel consumption of the Energy Bureau increased from 14.3km/L to 15.5km/L, which shows that the overall output efficiency has been significantly improved.

The Vellfire, the brother model released simultaneously by the original manufacturer in Japan, has a more individual and dynamic shape and is equipped with 2.4 Turbo-Hybrid power.
The combined output of the 2.5L petrol-electric power installed in the new car has been significantly increased from 163hp to 250hp, and the average fuel consumption of the Energy Bureau has also increased from 14.3km/L to 15.5km/L.

Compared with the new generation Lexus LM, the new fourth generation Alphard has also been replaced with the GA-K passenger car chassis platform. Although the suspension maintains the front MacPherson and rear double A-arm type, the structural materials have been redesigned to match the standard features of imported models. The 19-inch two-color wheels and 225/55R19 tire sizes will improve the road quality to a certain extent; in addition, the original manufacturer also emphasized that V-shaped tie rods are added to the rear half of the body, and the body rigidity is increased by 50% compared to the previous generation. I believe it will It can significantly eliminate the fine bouncing and body resonance that the previous model easily produced on uneven roads.

The new car adopts the GA-K passenger car chassis platform and adds V-shaped tie rods to the rear half of the body. The body rigidity is increased by 50% compared with the previous generation.

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