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Toyota announced the outline of the new car & it will be released on 11/16. The car is most likely a new generation Prius

table of contents
●Toyota announced the new car preview
●Official Twitter also releases different teaser images!
●The true face of the new car is the next-generation Prius

Toyota releases teaser image of new model

Suspected to be the teaser image of the new generation Prius

On November 9, 2022, Toyota will open a preview website for the expected release of new models. The preview website only has a coupe-like roof profile and the date of "2022.11.16", and there is no other relevant information.

Since the URL of the website is "

The official Twitter also released different teaser images!

Shortly after the opening of the teaser website, Toyota's official Twitter also released an illustration. The text reads "11.16 Coming soon..." and the URL of the teaser website. This illustration depicts the new car design.

In the picture, you can see the near-futuristic "ㄈ" headlights and the words "HYBRID REBORN". The message of "HYBRID rebirth" can also be interpreted as a major facelift of Toyota's gasoline-electric hybrid technology.

The real face of the new car is the next-gen Prius

Overlay of the teaser image and the next-generation Prius development vehicle (created by the editorial department)

When it comes to Toyota's gasoline-electric hybrid, many people should think of Prius.

When interviewing Toyota dealers before, they revealed that the new generation Prius will be released at 13:30 on November 16. Comparing the teaser image with the spy photos previously obtained by the MOBY editorial department, it is likely to be the new generation Prius.

The new generation of Prius is more sporty than the current car, and I am looking forward to the appearance after the interior and exterior texture is greatly improved. Let us look forward to the release on November 16!

Original source:Toyota unveils the silhouette of the new model & to announce on 11/16 ... The possibility of the new Prius is great!
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