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Toyota blowing the counterattack horn? Zhang Nan's 30 Electric Vehicle Projects

The press conference on December 4, 2021 will absolutely shock the world.

I believe that everyone can't understand this game, but if you don't understand, he will win! This is Akio Toyoda, the head of the fourth-generation Toyota, fighting back against the current global electric car boom! It was only in the Super GT field last year that he took the hands of Mazda, Subaru, Kawasaki, and Yamaha to declare their opposition to the "Glasgow Climate Pact" signed by all parties at COP26. The next thing is a lot of good shows. The action held a press conference, just to be on the same stage with 16 prototype electric vehicles in one breath, it has amazing domineering and the meaning of declaring war on today's electric vehicle manufacturers led by Tesla. In this round, Toyota not only did not sit still, but directly announced To launch 30 electric vehicles by 2030!

Regardless of the previous event where Akio Toyoda held a group at Super GT 2021 and opposed COP26, the press conference that shocked the world on December 4, 2021 was only seven months away from the last time Toyota Group released its electric vehicle plan ( Hon Hai + Yulon = Honghua Advanced seems to be a year, right?). In less than half an hour of this press conference, Akio Toyoda presented the Toyota Group's electric vehicle business layout from the next to 2030 in a concise way to the world. The 66-year-old fourth-generation successor of the group has a total of 16 electric vehicles with three rows, and announced to the world in the most domineering way: "30 electric vehicles will be released in 2030!" One of these three-row electric vehicles is The Toyota bZ4X, which was just launched at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show last year, will be mass-produced in the coming days after the release of the bZ4X. Of course, it also includes the e-cars that were tested in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the Parlour Games. Palette self-driving electric minibuses are included.

Judging from the reactions of the major media, of course, some people think that everyone is betting wrong. There are even many industry players and experts who are not optimistic about the speed of Toyota Group's current response in the global electric vehicle war. Akio Toyoda actually wants to tell everyone. , It’s not that I don’t do it, it’s that I’m not ready, how can I do it well?

Akio Toyoda appeared together with the three-row electric car. The picture alone is enough to make everyone agree with one thing: Toyota is coming!
The bZ4X will be the first Toyota electric car to be sold in Taiwan, and it has been announced that the UK price will start from 41,500 pounds (about 1.563 million Taiwan dollars).

Whether it is overtaking on a curve or a policy change, there are still many people who want to slap the face with the hydrogen fuel cell technology (Fuel Cell) that the Toyota Group has been promoting over the years, but in fact I think Toyota has always been Do it silently, just choose the best time and then lay it out. For example, the madman Elon Musk has also actively interacted with Volkswagen, which has been regarded as the second brother of electric vehicles in the past two years, and these two companies have long been the largest single electric vehicle. Market - China continues to cultivate deeply, but why did Zhang Nan take action until now?

It's not that they didn't do it. As early as a few years ago, the Toyota C-HR EV, which was limited to mass production in China, was launched simultaneously with the two major joint venture systems (FAW Toyota, GAC Toyota) and sold on the spot. After the strategic press conference, Toyota also announced that it will cooperate with Shenzhen BYD (now the world's No. 1 brand of pure electric buses) in China. In addition to providing platform sharing technology, the low-cost electric vehicles launched in the Chinese market will also be developed and produced by BYD. The "LFP blade battery" technology has attracted the attention of the Daimler Group, which established the "Denza" new energy brand with BYD many years ago.

So it's not that I don't do it, it's that Zhang Nan is doing it, but Zhang Nan doesn't say it.

The bZ (beyond Zero) series will be a new family of electric vehicles officially recognized by Akio Toyoda.
Looks like Tacoma changed it directly? Rest assured, Akio Toyoda will make it the strongest electric pickup to challenge the Tesla Cybertruck!
It is said that after a little modification of this car, it will become the RZ450e that can also be bought in Taiwan.
Lexus will sell only electric cars in 2035.

In December 2020, Akio Toyoda, as the chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, first criticized Tesla's approach, and said that the electric car boom was definitely over-hyped, which also attracted Toyota's disdain for electric cars at the beginning. The Japanese government opened fire, saying that if all fuel vehicles in Japan are converted to electric vehicles, it will not only lead to a power supply disaster, but also lead to a wave of unemployment that exceeds expectations. Akio Toyoda once said that at least 5.5 million employees will be forced to lose their jobs. .

The LF-Z Electrified, which was unveiled at the brand concept store in Xinyi District recently (before February 13), can be said to be the biggest move to communicate with consumers face-to-face with Lexus electric vehicles after the commercially available UX300e.
By investing in Woven Capital, Toyota is of course also involved in the operation of Nuro self-driving delivery vehicles.

Regarding Tesla's doubts, Akio Toyoda used the analogy of recipes and chefs, and said that Elon Musk said that Tesla's electric car recipes will become the global standard in the future, but Toyota has a complete kitchen and chefs to be able to make real food! So the next steps prove that what Toyota wants to do is "EV for Everyone". Think about it, from Toyota's return to Taiwan's car world in 1989, from Toyota to Lexus, and even at the end of last year, the Hino/Toyota Phase 6 truck and bus, Town Ace, which had won the commercial vehicle championship (Fuso) for 29 consecutive years, was a small fortune. It has been announced that 100 community-based rapid maintenance bases will be built in Taiwan within three years, etc., and even before, the industrial and engineering vehicle business "Taiwan Toyota Industrial Machinery" will be reorganized and renamed "Hotai Toyota Material Handling" company. , In an exclusive interview with Su Chunxing, general manager of Hetai Automobile, he even announced that he would transform from the original automobile production and sales service to a mobile service. Competitors' vision and intentions.

If you think Tesla is amazing, in fact, Toyota established the electric vehicle development department in 1992 before Akio Toyoda took over, and launched the first pure electric sports SUV RAV4 EV in 1996 (the same year as the establishment of a battery pack manufacturing company Primearth EV Energy), launched the world's first gasoline-electric hybrid production car Prius the following year, creating the world's current unparalleled gasoline-electric hybrid dominance, and also in the field of hydrogen fuel power technology (Fuel Cell) from small to large ( Toyota Highlander FCEV) has been vigorously promoted, and in recent years, only electric vehicles have lagged behind Tesla and its second brother, Volkswagen.

Akio Toyoda is a racing driver himself, and electric cars in the past were not able to satisfy him. He said that he did not want to build a computer on wheels for everyone to drive.
The electric vehicle division was established in 1992, and Toyota launched a pure electric version as early as the first generation of the RAV4.

But just after the press conference on December 4, 2021, including local suppliers in Taiwan, dared to speak up, saying that they are now actively preparing for the mass production plan of electric vehicle components in 2026 and beyond, you know Akio Toyoda dared to announce in a way that made the world exclaim again and again, which means that he has already been prepared, just confirming and confirming again.

Akio Toyoda said that he would not give up hydrogen fuel cells, and would dabble in a wider and deeper field. Even China-Pakistan Coaster launched a hydrogen fuel cell medical vehicle in Japan during the epidemic.
Everyone has heard of the hydrogen fuel cell power technology for cars, trucks, and buses, but the hydrogen fuel cell power tram that Toyota cooperates with JR shows its amazing ambition.

Let me tell you an even more amazing fact. Although Toyota only announced at the end of last year that it would start selling C+pod scooters and C+walk scooters in Japan, in fact, as early as 2000, it has released e-com small electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles. The car project was officially launched in 2012.

Emphasizing EV for Everyone, Toyota already sold C+Walk in Japan last year.

As for the 16 electric vehicles that appeared with Akio Toyoda on December 4, 2021, except for the Toyota bZ4X, which was released in the United States and Japan, the remaining 15 models will soon be mass-produced and listed. It is definitely not empty words. The boss comes on stage as a backdrop.

According to statistics, global electric vehicle sales are expected to exceed 6 million units in 2021, accounting for 8% of annual vehicle sales, and more likely to break through the 10% threshold soon. According to estimates by various industry research institutions, electric vehicle sales in 2025 will account for The ratio is expected to exceed 20%, that is, after the epidemic is over, the economy will recover for three years, and the annual global auto production and sales will return to more than 80 million vehicles, and at least 20 million will be sold electric vehicles.

IAA 2018 debut of the FUCHS business travel electric concept car, it is determined that it will be launched in March to become MEB's first new pure electric MPV.
In addition to Volkswagen, Toyota also pays the most attention to the Hyundai-Kia Group, including the mass-produced Genesis GV60 pure electric sports car and the KIA EV9 concept sports utility vehicle, which are threats to Toyota that cannot be ignored.

Comparing Akio Toyoda seven months later, he shouted an astonishing goal of doubling. In fact, people from all walks of life believe that in the competitive field of traditional car manufacturers, the real opponent should be Volkswagen, and the next opponent is the one shot that makes all walks of life exclaimed. Hyundai-Kia.

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