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Toyota Corolla Sport is expected to undergo a major change in appearance and use a 2.0L engine! There are also updated advanced equipment

table of contents
●The Corolla Sport is expected to undergo a major facelift
●The appearance has been greatly changed
●Extreme blood! Adopt 2L engine
●Added orange and other body colors
●Perfect safety equipment and multi-function media
●The prices of gasoline-electric hybrids and gasoline vehicles have been raised
●The opening time has not yet been determined, and production will start around autumn

Corolla Sport expected to get major faceliftpayment

Current Corolla Sport

Toyota Corolla Sport is expected to get a major facelift.

There are many parts of this change, and the following will introduce further information to you.

Abolition of special cars currently on sale

With this facelift, the current special car "50 Million Edition" will be discontinued.

Major changes in appearance

Changed the design of headlights, water tank cover and rear bumper.

Simply put, it will change the front and rear design. In a later article we will also mention the changes to the powertrain.

Extreme blood! Adopt 2L engine

Corolla touring 2000 Limited

The biggest change in this part of the facelift is the power system.

The 1.2L inline 4-cylinder turbo engine mounted on the current model is abolished, and a 2.0L engine is used instead. The reason for the abolition of the 1.2L engine is as previously predicted, and the lack of popularity accounts for a considerable proportion.

Readers who are paying attention to this year's new car models will hear that the 2.0L engine will be replaced, will they think of the Corolla touring limited car "2000 Limited", which will be sold in May 2020 with a limited number of 500 units. The 2000 Limited was a dream car that sold out quickly at the time.
Although the models are different, the 2.0L engine has been resurrected in the Corolla series.

Hybrid specs head to fifth-gen like next-gen Noah and Voxy

The hybrid version is equipped with the fifth-generation hybrid system, which was launched in January this year and used in the next-generation Noah and Voxy.

Added orange and other body colors

"Orange mica metallic (4Y8)" and "Dark blue mica metallic (8W7)" are added to the body color. These two colors are only available in G"Z" and G grades, and Orange mica metallic is the first color used by Toyota in Japan.

Abolish the "Black-ish swallowtail glass flakes (221)" color used in the previous generation Voxy and other models.

Perfect safety equipment and multi-function media

New features other than appearance are described below.

Advanced Safety Equipment

. TSSⅡ becomes TSSⅢ (TSS =Toyota Safety Sense)

.Driving Abnormal Response System

.Proactive Driving Assist

.Start delay notification function

Navigation, Multifunctional Media Peripherals

Adopt a new generation of multimedia peripherals such as connected navigation. Except for the entry level, Display Audio is standard, and Display Audio Plus is optional.

The current display screen size is 7 inches, and the new display screen is enlarged to 10.5 inches. The picture quality has also been greatly improved, from the current 380,000 pixels to 980,000 pixels. The image quality is the same for different screen sizes.

In addition, the TV was originally optional, but now it is standard equipment. It is also possible to install HDMI that was not originally set.
Sadly, this time the CD/DVD player was abolished. This change may not be good news for some people.

The equipment of Display Audio and Display Audio Plus is as follows.

Display Audio (standard except entry level)

. 8-inch display screen

.Standard TV

. Dealer optional HDMI

●Display Audio Plus (optional)

.Car Navigation + Navigation 10.5 inches

.Standard TV

. Standard HDMI

.Can be linked with the original optional driving recorder

.Abolish smart device connections

Standard driving recorder & ETC

After the facelift, except for entry-level models, ETC becomes standard, and the 8-inch display screen comes standard with a front driving recorder. If you choose a 10.5-inch display screen, it will come with front and rear driving recorders and BGM recording functions.

The video of the driving recorder can be moved to video player, computer and mobile phone via USB to watch.

Gasoline hybrid and gasoline vehicle prices hike

After the facelift, the prices of all grades have increased. In particular, the relationship between the replacement of the power system system of gasoline vehicles, the price of the vehicle will be higher than that of the gasoline-electric hybrid.

The expected increase amounts for each tier are as follows.

grade Expected to increase the amount
HYBRID G”Z” About 70,000 yen
HYBRID G About 60,000 yen
HYBRID G”X” constant
G”Z” About 90,000 yen
G About 80,000 yen
G”X” About 20,000 yen

The opening time is not determined, and production will start around autumn

The launch date of the new Corolla Sport is currently undecided, and the production start period is tentatively scheduled from late September to early October.

"Corolla" and "Corolla touring" should also undergo major changes during the same period.

Original source:Toyota Corolla Sport plans to make a major improvement in appearance and adoption of 2.0L engine !! Advanced equipment has also been renewed
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