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Toyota does not stop! The BEV "bZ Large SUV" of the Land Cruiser class is commercially available as "bZ5X"? Expected to be launched in 2025

table of contents
●Is "bZ Large SUV" the highest-end model in the series
●The name of the car is very likely to be bZ5X
●Appearance does not seem to have changed much
●It is expected to debut by 2025

Is the "bZ Large SUV" the highest-end model in the series?

The bZ LARGE SUV exhibited at MEGA WEB in December last year (photographed by the MOBY editorial department)

Toyota launched the "bZ4X" in Japan in May this year, which is the first model of the "bZ" series of electric vehicles planned to be launched globally in the future. There are currently sightings of "bZ SDN" in China, and it is rumored that the car will appear after the bZ4X in the future.

There are 7 types of bZ series cars currently planned, of which 5 concept cars were announced as early as December last year.
This time, based on the known information of the "bZ Large SUV" commercial vehicles in the series, which may be positioned as the flagship SUV specification, we will make detailed associations.

The car name is most likely bZ5X

As its name suggests, the bZ Large SUV is the largest large SUV among the currently released models.

Judging from the fact that the body size of the mid-size SUV "bZ4X" is the same as that of the "Harrier" and "RAV4", it is speculated that the body size of the bZ Large SUV will be closer to the "Land Cruiser".


The bZ4X car name consists of the series name "bZ", the "4" representing the body size, and the "X" representing the crossover SUV.

Toyota will apply for bZ1~bZ5 and bZ1X~bZ5X trademarks to the European Patent Office in 2020. If you think of this as a candidate car name, the car name of the bZ Large SUV on the market is most likely "bZ5X".

Appearance doesn't seem to have changed much

The bZ LARGE SUV exhibited at MEGA WEB in December last year (photographed by the MOBY editorial department)

Regarding the appearance part that everyone is more concerned about, from the perspective of bZ4X and bZ SDN development vehicles, they have hardly changed since the stage of concept vehicles. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that the commercial bZ Large SUV will add significant changes to the concept car.

The features currently seen on the bZ Large SUV are the angular four-corner profile, power door handles, and a sporty two-tone roof & hood.
There is no exact information on the interior design yet. Photos taken in China also don't clearly capture the interior design.

Expected to debut by 2025

The bZ LARGE SUV exhibited at MEGA WEB in December last year (photographed by the MOBY editorial department)

Toyota announced at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition held in April last year that it plans to introduce 15 EV models by 2025, 7 of which are bZ series.

If the schedule is not delayed due to the shortage of semiconductors and other factors, the bZ Large SUV should be unveiled before 2025. The launch of the first bZ4X this year means that the remaining 6 bZ models will be launched in the next three years. Roughly calculate that 2 cars will be launched in 1 year.

Is it reasonable to launch around 2024~2025?

Left: "Toyota bZ Series Partners" Right: Toyota's "Aiming for EV Popularization (2019)"

It has been announced before that the bZ series will cooperate with various car manufacturers. At the press conference, it was also announced that four manufacturers of "BYD (China)", "Subaru", "Daihatsu" and "Suzuki" were partners.
Among them, Subaru participates in the cooperation of bZ4X and BYD participates in bZ SDN.

Considering that there are currently sightings of the bZ SDN development car, it should become the second to third car in the series if there is no accident. If this is the case, the next time it should launch a small-sized "bZ small crossover" or "bZ concept SUV" with a clear partner.
It is speculated that the launch sequence of the bZ Large SUV should be in the second half of the bZ series.

Original source:Toyota can't stop! Rankle-class BEV "bZ large SUV" commercial version to "bZ5X"? Expectations for debut in 2025
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