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Toyota RAV4 GR Sport (2023): that's how we like the hybrid SUV (update: price) -

In October 2022 we wrote that the Toyota RAV4 GR Sport would be released. If we still have to go to the SUV, it would be a good contender, we wrote then. The GR Sport has 4x4 as standard and is blessed with an extra thick design. Finally, the price is now known. prices of the Toyota RAV4 start at 44,495 euros. Then you get a two-liter petrol engine with 175 hp. But if you want a little excitement in your SUV life, you should save up for the GR Sport. The price is now known: 60,995 euros for the Hybrid version and 64,205 euros for the RAV4 plug-in hybrid. It will be in the showroom in the fall of 2023, a full year (!) after it was announced. Toyota has really tested our patience...

When is an SUV an SUV?

In our opinion, the Toyota RAV4 GR Sport can carry the abbreviation SUV with value. That term stands for Sport Utility Vehicle and is used all the time these days. It recently even resulted in a small discussion at the editorial office: when do you call a car an SUV? The abbreviation originated when four-wheel drive off-road giants such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Range Rover got a more luxurious equipment and stood their ground not only in the terrain but suddenly also on asphalt. We came to the cautious conclusion that an SUV should at least have 4x4 drive and a thick and tough design.


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Toyota RAV4 GR Sport: a real SUV

The now presented Toyota RAV4 GR Sport is always equipped with 4x4 drive, whether you choose the 222 hp Hybrid or the Plug-in Hybrid with 306 hp. Furthermore, it looks extra tough and thick with its design accents in high-gloss black (wheel arch edges, window frame). The trim strip under the rear window is also finished in glossy black. That smells a lot better than the chrome of most other versions. Add to this the spacious interior and its multifunctional character and you have a real SUV in our opinion.

Grille with racing mesh pattern

The Toyota RAV4 GR Sport's grille and fog lamp housing, also painted black, have a racing mesh pattern similar to that seen on the Toyota RAV4 GR Sport. Toyota Yaris GR Sport review. And the 19-inch wheels are also painted in high-gloss black. A GR logo adorns the front and back. Those letters stand for Gazoo Racing, the name under which Toyota participates in, among other things, the World Rally Championship. You will find that logo on the sports seats, covered with a combination of suede and synthetic leather, produced without animals.

Finally, the fact that the Toyota RAV4 GR Sport can be called an SUV is also evident from the fact that the chassis has been modified. Toyota says that this makes the handling even better and the driving experience dynamic, read sporty. The term Sport Utility Vehicle is therefore not taken out of thin air in this case. Now only a few more nights of sleep until the end of this year.

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