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Toyota RAV4 undergoes a minor facelift in Europe! Japan is also expected to make the same change, and the content of the facelift is confirmed first

table of contents
●Europe released RAV4 2023 model year
●Be the first to confirm the interior after the minor facelift
●Toyota Safety Senser function added
●Starting production on October 3, will the price increase significantly?

RAV4 2023 model year released in Europe

RAV4 European-spec 2023 model year

On June 22, 2022, Toyota in Europe announced that the RAV4 will undergo a minor facelift.
The contents of the minor facelift are all models of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and the new generation of multimedia systems and customized digital instrument panels are adopted.

In an interview with a Toyota dealer in March this year, I got information that the same facelift will be carried out in Japan. At the same time as the revision of the Japanese standard, the RAV4 PHV car name will be abolished and unified into "RAV4", and a new special car is also planned.

Be the first to confirm the interior after the minor facelift

RAV4 European-spec 2023 model year

The next-generation RAV4 features a 10.5-inch display with Toyota's latest multimedia system. At first glance, there is no difference from the Japanese standard, but the only difference is the instrument panel.

After the facelift, the high-end model will expand the original 7-inch "multi-function display screen" to 12.3 inches.

This is the new version of the digital dashboard. There are 4 styles and 3 types of layouts to choose from. Driving can choose to display information such as speedometer, digital computer, eco driving mode instrument, music information during playback, ACC system and other information.

The following is the name obtained in Europe. There are 4 themes of "casual", "smart", "sport" and "tough". You can choose according to your own preferences.

As mentioned in the previous article, only high-end grades use such large digital meters. The daily rule is to install everything except entry level "X". X-level is to expand the 4.2-inch multi-function display screen to 7 inches. But Display Audio Plus cannot be selected.

Toyota Safety Senser features added

This time, a minor facelift was carried out in Europe. One of the functions of the safety support technology "Toyota Safety Senser", "Pre-warning Protection System (PSC)", added support for left and right turns at intersections (sidewalks, oncoming vehicles), and also equipped with "Emergency Steering". dodge assist".

Among them, the Japanese standard RAV4 also intends to use the early warning protection system (PSC) to strengthen the function.

The emergency steering and evasion assist is currently only used on the new generation Noah & Voxy, and it is unclear whether it will be equipped on the Japanese RAV4.

Production starts on October 3, prices will increase significantly?

The European-spec RAV4 will be produced in the third quarter of 2022.

If the information obtained is correct, production will begin on October 3. In Japan, it is expected to be available in late September to early October.

It is very likely that the RAV4 will have a significant price adjustment in the next small facelift.

Original source:Toyota RAV4 partially improved in Europe!Similar changes are planned in Japan, check the contents as soon as possible
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