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Toyota Urban SUV Concept to be launched in production version in 2024

●The new B-SUV pure electric vehicle launched for the European market

●Built with e-TNGA pure electric chassis platform architecture

●Two kinds of power, with single motor front wheel and dual motor four-wheel drive settings

●Mass production model planned to be launched in 2024

Recently in Europe, Toyota chose to hold the "Kenshiki" annual forum in Brussels, Belgium, to announce its future electric vehicle development strategy for the European market. The most important part is to plan for 2026, that is, within two years. At least 6 new electric car models will be launched in the European market. Through this diversified electrified product lineup, it will help Toyota Motor Corporation in Europe to achieve 20% of new car sales in Europe in 2026. It will be the task of pure electric car models, as well as in The plan goal is to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2040.

Toyota’s most entry-level pure electric SUV

During the forum event, Toyota simultaneously released a new electric concept car called Urban SUV Concept. This concept car is the first member of these six new BEV electric vehicles. Its mass production version is expected to be launched in 2024. Officially launched, it plays the role of entry-level car in the gasoline car market and the electric car market together with the Yaris Cross. However, not many details about the specifications of the Urban SUV Concept have been announced so far. It is only revealed that its length/width/height dimensions are 4300/1820/1620 mm respectively, which is slightly larger than the Yaris Cross. It is based on the e-TNGA pure Built on an electronic platform architecture. In addition, it is also known from the data that this B-segment pure electric minivan will have a high driving position and a wide field of view, and it will also have excellent cabin space and flexible space. Change functions to meet the diverse riding needs of car owners.

For the European market, Toyota will launch 6 pure electric vehicles within two years, and the Urban SUV Concept, which will be mass-produced and launched in 2024, is the first member.
The Urban SUV Concept, which belongs to the B-segment segment, has body length/width/height dimensions of 4300/1820/1620 mm respectively, which is slightly larger than the Yaris Cross.

Strong and rugged hardcore look

Although the Urban SUV Concept is still called a concept car, the original manufacturer stated that as long as the appropriate tire size and traditional rearview mirrors are replaced, the entire appearance will be very close to the production version. The front of the car can be said to be full of strong family characteristics. The barb-shaped daytime running light bar is paired with an LED light guide bar that runs through the front of the car. It can be clearly seen that the design techniques are similar to those of the new C-HR, Prius and Crown. Air diversion-like decorative panels are added to the thick front bumper and lower air dam to enhance the visual impact and sporty atmosphere.

Looking from the side of the car, not only the prominent wheel arches at the front and rear are full of muscle, but the strong and tough body panels and sharp high waistline design also create a powerful and rugged off-road vehicle atmosphere for the Urban SUV Concept. In addition, the door handles and B-pillars are also hidden in design, and the exterior rearview mirrors also use electronic cameras (but the official has made it clear that the mass-produced version will return to the traditional rearview mirror design) to present a sense of future technology. As for the rear part of the car, in addition to the through-type LED light guide strip and the spontaneous blue Toyota logo that are very eye-catching, the design of the LED taillight set with overlapping words to form the word "bZ" is even more unique and creative. The double spoiler used on the rear edge of the roof, combined with the air splitter under the strong rear bumper, brings a strong sports car style to the Urban SUV Concept.

The entire front styling design has similar design techniques and charm to the new C-HR, Prius and Crown, and has strong family member characteristics.
The LED taillight set with overlapping characters to form the word "bZ" at the rear of the car can be said to be a unique and creative design, and it is highly recognizable.
The large black scratch-resistant wheel arches and the expanded texture of the arches create a full sense of strength, and under the feet are quite futuristic 20-inch five-spoke double-rib cut aluminum wheels.

Two types of batteries with front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive settings

In addition to not releasing the interior factory pictures, the power specifications of the Urban SUV Concept have also not been announced to the public. We can only know from the data that the original factory will provide the car with two battery capacities to choose from. The battery capacity is expected to have a maximum cruising range of about 400km, but the exact data will not be announced in detail until the first half of 2024. However, what is certain at present is that the Urban SUV Concept, a pure electric crossover minivan, will also be launched by then. There will be single-motor front-wheel drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive settings for consumers to choose from.

The Urban SUV Concept developed for the European market will become the most entry-level pure electric small SUV in the entire Toyota product line in the future, mainly targeting competitors such as the Volvo EX30 and Mini Aceman.

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