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Toyota's next-generation Sienta development car revealed! Has a French car-like exterior design?

table of contents
● Witness the next-generation Sienta development car!
●To look like a French car?
●It is planned to be released in Japan from July to September

Witness the next-generation Sienta development car!

A new generation of Sienta, which is suspected to be currently under development by Toyota, was witnessed.

The body color of the development car is matte black, and the overall atmosphere is obviously different from other vehicles.

To look like a French car?

Image courtesy: 𝙢𝙖𝙚𝙠𝙚𝙣/Twitter

The shooting angle is from the side. The hood is gently connected to the roof, there is an aerodynamic kit under the door, and further down you can see a design similar to the side steps.

According to people who have seen the dealer's video, the rear windows are the same as the current Sienta models, with curved surfaces and 15-inch tires. In addition, the third-row windows of the development car are camouflaged, so there is no way to know the specific shape. Judging from the current photos, its size should be larger than the current model.

Based on the information provided by other readers who have seen the physical car, the common point is that it "looks like a French car" and "like a Renault car".

Other front & rear related information

Although I didn't photograph it this time, I heard that the headlights of the car are close to a square design, and the taillights of the car are designed differently according to different grades. The general-grade model has vertical taillights, and the highest-grade "Z" is designed like a honeycomb.

Japan plans to release in July-September

The current generation of Sienta is scheduled to be released in July to September. The business person in charge of the sales store also said that the policy has not yet been determined.

Production is expected to start in July and August, and the shortage of semiconductors will still have a great impact.

New generation Crown development car (witness provided)

The new-generation Sienta should have the same body paint as the new-generation Crown development car I witnessed before, and the details of the vehicle can still be vaguely discerned if you look closely.

From this, we can also speculate that it should be listed in Japan soon. The official announcement of the new generation of Crown will be unveiled on July 15, and the new generation of Sienta may be unveiled in August about a month later.

Original source:A scoop on the development vehicle of the new Toyota Sienta! Design like a French car?
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