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Traffic fines 2024: you will pay these amounts -

We give you an overview of the traffic fines for 2024 and tell you how much the fine is. Brace yourself, because the 2024 traffic fines will be a lot higher than a year earlier.

It should no longer be a surprise that traffic fines in 2024 will be higher than in 2023. That happens every year. This is due to inflation, but also because outgoing Minister Yesilgöz of Justice and Security saw some holes in the government budget and wanted to fill them.

The Public Prosecution Service advised not to increase the amounts, because it is now cheaper to give someone a black eye than to park unauthorized in a disabled spot, but unfortunately. The 2024 traffic fines have increased by 10 percent: 6 percent inflation correction and 4 percent to fill the treasury.

These are the traffic fines 2024 for the following offences:

  • Driving through a red light - 300 euros
  • Phone in hand while driving - 420 euros
  • Unnecessary driving on the left - 270 euros
  • Unnecessarily driving on the emergency lane - 300 euros
  • Forgot your seat belt - 180 euros
  • Overtaking on the right - 300 euros
  • On the road without MOT - 180 euros
  • License plate difficult to read - 180 euros
  • Turning without indicating - 120 euros

Parking incorrectly

Anyone who parks incorrectly can expect a fine of 120 euros. A pittance compared to parking in a disabled spot without a card, which will cost you 370 euros if you are caught. And even if you make unnecessary noise, such as honking the horn without a valid reason, you will have to pay a lot, namely 300 euros.

Something you see more and more often are cars driving in the dark without lights. Do not. You hardly see anything, others don't see you and you also have to pay 180 euros if you are arrested. Do you block an intersection so that everything comes to a standstill? 300 Euro. So anticipate well.


Well insured on the road

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Scratching car windows

Don't think I'll take the bus lane instead of the hard shoulder to avoid traffic jams, because if your uncle catches you, you'll lose 180 euros. Also forget about the sidewalk, because then you will also spend 180 euros. Oh, and make the effort to scrape your car windows before you hit the road, no matter how annoying the chore may be. The fine can amount to 490 euros! And please note: the side windows must also be free of ice.

Traffic fines 2024 for excessive speed (built-up area)

There is quite a bit to take into account. And then we haven't even talked about the 20214 traffic fines for speeding. Anyone who drives too fast within built-up areas and is caught will be charged the following amounts:

  • 5 km/h te hard - 43 euro
  • 10 km/h te hard - 90 euro
  • 15 km/h te hard - 169 euro
  • 20 km/h te hard - 240 euro
  • 25 km/h te hard - 325 euro

Traffic fines 2024 for excessive speed (highway)

As far as we are concerned, the fines for speeding within built-up areas cannot be high enough. We understand a little better that you occasionally drive a little too fast on a quiet highway. Apparently the government does too, because the fines are lower than if you exceed the speed limit within built-up areas.

  • 5 km/h te hard - 32 euro
  • 10 km/h te hard - 79 euro
  • 15 km/h te hard - 150 euro
  • 20 km/h te hard - 216 euro
  • 25 km/h te hard - 287 euro

The 2024 traffic fines for speeding outside built-up areas (but not on the highway) are between the first and second amounts. On this website of the Public Prosecution Service you can find out exactly how high the fine is if you drive too fast, even if there are road works, for example.

We conclude the traffic fines 2024 with a bit of good news. The administration costs of 9 euros have not increased and remain the same.

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