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Treasury Wine Group and Warner Bros. Celebrate "Dragon Day"

Treasury Wine Group and Warner Bros. to launch three co-branded limited edition wines

Fans have been looking forward to it for a long time, one of the most popular TV series in history, "A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" - prequel series "Dragon"
House of the Dragon – Coming soon on HBO.Before the broadcast of the series, Treasury Wine Group
Well-known brands of Treasury Wine Estates – Wolf Blass and Warner Bros. Consumer Products
(Warner Bros. Consumer Products) first cross-border cooperation, choose to launch a joint name in Australia on June 22, 2022
The limited edition wine "Wolfo Winery x The Dragon Family Co-branded Cabernet Sigha" to celebrate the "Dragon Family"
》The merchandise surrounding the album was launched on the first day to welcome the arrival of "Day of the Dragon".
Wolff Winery has launched three limited edition wines of "Wolfo Winery x Dragon Family Co-branded Cabernet Ciha Red Wine".
All models have a unique dragon wine label, and the exquisite bronzing design adds to the collection value. The Taiwan market will be officially launched in August.
Co-branded limited edition wines will also be launched one after another; this bright red top classic Australian wine will lead the fans back to Weiss
On the mainland of Telo, feel the fantastic journey of blood and fire intertwined.
"Being such a high level of attention before the series was launched, combined with a large number of campaign activities, let us know that we must share a common
Cooperate with a high-quality brand with a vision and a global reputation – our concept is to have the atmosphere of the album era and the representative dimension
Stroh Continental-flavored wines. There is no doubt that this "Wolfo Winery x Dragon Family Co-branded Cabernet Sigha Red Wine"
It will definitely take the entire consumer market by storm, whether it's fans of "A Song of Ice and Fire", or watching it for the first time in August this year.
New friends in the Great Prequel,” said Andrew Bromell, vice president of Warner Bros. Consumer Products New Zealand and Australia.

Buy any "Wolfo Winery x Dragon Family Co-branded-Carbonnexha Red Wine" co-branded limited edition wine, you can get a free HBO-GO 30-day coupon

Chris Hatcher, chief winemaker at Wolfe Estate, said: “This classic Australian blend is a constant pursuit of excellence at Wolfe Estate.
Born under the spirit, the winery's spirit of never being satisfied with the status quo and the spirit of excellence is perfectly reflected in this top wine. "
"This exciting cooperation project with Warner Bros. Consumer Products Division is a new and important chapter in the history of Wolfe Winery.
At the same time, it also made a perfect annotation for the business philosophy of the winery.This wine fully reflects the founder of the winery, Mr. Wolfgang Blass
Life and wine have always been the concept - dare to challenge the status quo, and encourage fans and wine lovers around the world not to settle for the status quo,
Always look for something better,” concludes winemaker Hatcher.
"House of the Dragon" series Taiwan will be broadcast online on HBO GO on August 21, 2022
From now on, "Wolfo Winery x Dragon Family Co-branded Cabernet Ciha Red Wine" can be started at the designated cooperative stores of Hefu Winery
Pre-order, when you purchase any of the co-branded limited edition wines, you will receive a free 30-day HBO GO coupon, allowing consumers to
Enough to drink "Wolfo Winery x Dragon Family Co-branded Cabernet Sigha Red Wine", while immersed in the "Dragon Family"
Fantasy epic series.


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