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Tribute + Limited Edition = Forever SingingFerrari Daytona SP3

●The idea originated from the Ferrari 330 P3 in 1966
●840 horses, 71.7 kilograms of meters, Ferrari mass-produced NA power king
●It only takes 2.85 seconds to sprint to 100km/h
●Limited places have been sold out

As early as 2018, Ferrari began to use the Icona series as a means to pay tribute to many classic horses in the long history, and after the extremely rare SP1 and SP2 belonging to the Monza series, the next thing is the amazing Daytona. SP3.

Tribute to classic racing

Back in 1967, half a century ago, at the moment when the Daytona 24-hour endurance race held in the United States crossed the line, the graceful figures of the two Ferrari 330 P4 champion cars still remain in the heart of many hardcore Tifosi. Of course, Ferrari understood that such feelings need to be exported to vent, so Shanda released the hot limited edition Supercar Daytona SP3, with a dreamlike positioning and a design compatible with the latest technology and classical feelings.

Ferrari uses the Icona series as a tribute to classic horses, and the latest masterpiece is the Daytona SP3.
Derived from the LaFerrari Aperta chassis structure, Daytona SP3 uses hand-made carbon fiber to create a surreal future that is rich in the imagination of classic racing cars.

Surreal X retro style

As the name suggests, since Ferrari misses the legendary race held at the Daytona circuit, it is not so surprising to follow the North American culture to bring a grand tour style, so Daytona SP3 is no longer as classic as Monza SP1 or Monza SP2. The racing-like fully open single/two-seater design at least gives a more "practical" open-top car body, allowing rich and lucky car owners to enjoy the baptism of admiring eyes more freely.

The Ferrari 330 P3 in 1966 was the origin of Daytona SP3.

However, under the LaFerrari Aperta chassis structure, Daytona SP3 still uses hand-made carbon fiber to create a surreal futuristic look that is full of classic racing imagination. Italian designers will never let us down, no matter the low-profile body of 1,142mm, Or the undulating curve of the Coke bottle, or even the open-close LED headlights that are nostalgic for the past, creating a classic association, and at the same time, they are deeply embedded in the highly efficient heat dissipation and wind resistance considerations, so that Daytona SP3 remains the same. Maintaining the Ferrari tradition, not only is it beautifully displayed as an installation of art, but it is even more perfect as a track textbook.

Only 1,142mm low and flat body shape, while containing the ups and downs of the Coke bottle curve.

The king of mass-produced natural aspiration

The power heart is of course the most important part. The 6.5-liter V12 naturally aspirated gasoline engine of the 812 Competizione is enough to be awe-inspiring. The Daytona SP3 is still undergoing a series of optimizations and optimizations in the intake/exhaust and abdominal Lightweight process, so it’s easy to get 840 horsepower at 9,250 rpm. At 7,250 rpm, it can deliver 71.7 kilograms of peak torque. Even if it is based on the ruins of heroes like forest, it still takes the natural air intake power of Ferrari mass-produced lightly. Throne of Kings.

With the help of the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission system, and through the front 265/30 ZR 20 and the rear 345/30 ZR 21 Pirelli P Zero Corsa to help prevent the ground, the Daytona SP3 sprinted from a standstill to a speed of only 100 kilometers per hour. It only takes 2.85 seconds to continue to break through the 200 kilometers per hour barrier and only takes 7.4 seconds. Doesn't it take oil? The 340 kilometers per hour extreme speed mark is immediately in front of him. This way, Fang can ensure that opponents from all directions can hardly stun him.

Really want?You can't buy it anyway

The cockpit part is also the intriguing part of Daytona SP3. It not only seeks inspiration from many classic Ferraris, but also uses two barrel-shaped racing seats directly integrated with the chassis and connected to each other to convey the exquisiteness of antique racing. At the same time , Daytona SP3 also uses a 16-inch wide LCD instrument and a new-generation multi-function steering wheel as the interface between people and vehicles. In addition to enthusiasm, it does not forget the luxurious atmosphere of North America.

The 16-inch wide LCD instrument and the new-generation multi-function steering wheel have become the most important interface for the Daytona SP3 passenger car connection.
The two bucket-shaped racing seats directly integrated with the chassis and connected to each other bring an interesting imagination like an antique racing car.

It’s just that the Daytona SP3, which pays tribute to many classic predecessors such as 330 P3, 330 P4, 350 Can Am, 512 S, and so on, has remained as mysterious as before. Until the time of writing, it is unwilling to announce the actual order price and total production number. But even if you have a lot of money, you don’t need to bother, because no matter how many Ferraris intend to produce (estimated at most three digits), Daytona SP3's quota is sold out early, and then, you can only look forward to which mysterious and lucky buyer Only when the car is out of the box can we understand the pain of lovesickness about this speed fetish.

Don't worry about how much Daytona SP3 will build and sell, because when you read this article, the car quota has already been sold out.

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