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True Buddha Heart PriceKia Sportage is super avant-garde debut

●Bold and avant-garde futuristic styling

●Configure 12.3-inch hyperboloid digital large screen

Equipped with Level 2 DRIVE WiSE safety assistance system

●New Smart stream 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine

●Domestic price Trendy/Apex/X-line 4WD: 114.9/124.9/1.359 million yuan

Following the pre-sale activities on June 1st, the general agent of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia officially released the new-generation Sportage, which is highly anticipated by domestic consumers, on June 8th. A total of three model grade settings, such as Trendy, Apex and X-Line 4WD, are provided, and the official price is also the same as the pre-sale price, which are 1.149 million yuan, 1.249 million yuan and 1.359 million yuan respectively. This price is matched with the tough power of the new car. It is no wonder that the accumulated pre-sale orders have exceeded 800 in just one week.

The completely technological and avant-garde appearance is definitely a major selling point of the new Sportage's popular products. Its appearance adopts the latest "Opposites United" design vocabulary, and the front of the car adopts a large area of ​​Tiger Mask. The "ㄑ"-shaped LED daytime running lights and the diamond-shaped upper and lower split LED headlights bring a dazzling and eye-catching front appearance. As for the rear LED taillights, which are also in the style of boomerangs, they are embellished with black paint trims, which bring out the visual impression of left and right penetration, plus the slightly warped rear lines. The series is connected with the impression of EV6.

The domineering Tiger Mask water tank guard, ㄑ-shaped boomerang LED daytime running lights and diamond-shaped LED headlights create a stunning and eye-catching front view.
The boomerang-style LED taillight group, the visual impression of the left and right penetration, and the slightly warped rear line, bring out a similar charm to the EV6.

In terms of equipment, it is fully equipped with luxurious technology. The entry-level Trendy model comes standard with LED head and tail lights/daytime running lights, Push Start, Smart Key, Level 2 driver assistance system, 12.3-inch digital instrument, 12.3-inch multimedia audio and video system, Dual-zone constant temperature, touch switch air conditioning/audio function panel, electric driver seat, RVM reversing development, Drive Mode and induction electric tailgate, etc. The mid-level Apex model adds BVM blind spot development assist, SVM surround view assist, Harman Kardon audio, shift paddles, E-Shift electronic knob shift system, and 64-color mood lighting. The top-spec X-Line 4WD, in addition to the exclusive X-Line appearance and blackened interior kit, adds dual front seat heating/ventilation functions, electric adjustment of the passenger seat, rear heated seats, Qi mobile phone wireless charging and It can be equipped with panoramic electric sunroof lights and other equipment, which is indeed impeccable for this scale.

In the cabin, which has greatly improved the texture of materials and the atmosphere of technology, there is a large panoramic curved screen composed of a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 12.3-inch touch controller, which is the most eye-catching highlight.

The power part is set by a single Smart stream 1.6-liter T-GDi turbocharged gasoline engine, matched with a 7-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission, with a maximum power output of 180hp and 27.0kgm. In addition, the Trendy and Apex models are front-wheel drive, while the top-spec X Line model adopts a four-wheel drive configuration, and all models are equipped with the Drive Mode multi-driving system as standard, which can provide four driving modes including Eco/Normal/Sport/Smart model.

Equipped with a Smart stream 1.6-liter T-GDi turbo gasoline engine with CVVD continuously variable valve duration technology, it has a maximum power output of 180hp and 27.0kgm.


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