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Up is now really out of production (and the cheapest Volkswagen now costs 25,890 euros) -

In the Netherlands, the Volkswagen Up had disappeared from the price lists since January, but now the curtain will finally fall on the city car worldwide. The Volkswagen factory in Bratislava will build the last Up at the end of October.

This means that the Germans are pulling the plug on the small hatchback after twelve years. The Volkswagen Up was introduced in 2011 as the new smallest member of the Volkswagen family. With that the car followed the Volkswagen Fox as an entry-level van Volkswagen. And while the Brazilian-built Fox was not known for its good handling, the spacious Up was praised for that.

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Volkswagen Up in the Netherlands

The Up made together with the Seat Mii and the Skoda Citigo part of a triplet of A-segmenters from the Volkswagen Group. The Netherlands paid massive amounts of money for all three, but the Up was by far the most popular. It sold around 95,000 in the Netherlands - compared to 17,000 for the Skoda and 16,000 for the Seat. This popularity is easy to explain; In 2011 you could already buy an Up for less than 8,500 euros!

The Up is supplied in all kinds of variants. The basic version had a naturally aspirated three-cylinder with 60 or 65 hp, it became more fun with the 90 hp 1.0 TSI and even more fun with the Up GTI that even delivered 115 hp.

Electric Volkswagen Up

There are also two versions of the fully electric one Volkswagen eUp been available. The first one in 2013 had a mediocre range of 130 kilometers, but in the most recent version (2019-2022) this was doubled to a very acceptable 260 kilometers.

Margin is the biggest problem

The price development that the Up has made over the years is striking. In 2013 the Up still only cost 9 grand. But in recent years the price had more than doubled to at least 19 grand. This price increase is partly due to the increasingly strict safety and emission requirements that cars must meet.

Volkswagen is not the only car brand that is killing its A-segment models. This happens because the margins on these cars are becoming too small, and there is therefore little or nothing for brands to earn. For the time being, the brands from the Far East in particular are still holding on to a car in the A-segment. The Kia Picanto and Toyota Aygo X are still for sale. Anyone who wants to continue driving Volkswagen must pay at least 25,890 euros for the cheapest one Volkswagen Polo.

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