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Volkswagen and Renault bury the hatchet for a cheap electric car of 20,000 euros -

European EV manufacturers such as Volkswagen must do everything they can to protect themselves against cheap Chinese competition. Having your own affordable electric car is the solution, and to achieve this, the Germans want to enter into a partnership with one of their largest competitors.

Volkswagen is having a hard time with the transition to electric cars. Several disturbing reports have already come out this year - including about disappointing salesproduction stops and delivery problems.

The upcoming one Volkswagen ID.2 in Volkswagen ID.1 must turn the tide, but it may take some time before that happens. Volkswagen CEO Oliver Blume indicated a month ago that the 20,000 euro EV is not expected until the end of this decade.

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Divide costs by two

That takes too long. We think so and so does Volkswagen itself. To come up with an affordable electric car faster, the Germans are looking for a partner. It is easier to keep production and development costs affordable when they can be shared.

According to German Handelsblatt is Renault one of the parties in the picture. According to the German newspaper, discussions between the two major car brands are already taking place. Volkswagen is reportedly aiming for an annual production of 200,000 to 250,000 EVs with the potential partner.


The news is somewhat remarkable, since Volkswagen and Renault are major competitors at first glance. However, it is logical to explain if a collaboration ensures that an affordable EV can be produced that steals the hearts of the European buyer. This can drastically improve the competitive position of both groups. This position is currently at risk due to fierce competition from Tesla and Chinese brands.

Ambitious plans

Renault is already improving this competitive position on its own with ambitious EV plans. For example, the French presented an electric version of the Renault Twingo. This EV looks exactly like the very first Twingo and should be available to order from 20 grand in 2026. The Renault 4 and Renault 5 will also make a return as affordable electric cars.

Yet a Renault spokesperson insists Reuters know that collaborations are also a requirement for them to be competitive in the market for affordable EVs. "We are having several discussions, but nothing has been finalized yet," the spokesperson said.

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