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Volkswagen "GTI Lakeside Carnival" returns to Wolfsburg next summer

The Golf GTI An annual event not to be missed among car fans, the "GTI Lakeside Carnival" that has been regularly gathering in Wörthersee, Austria for 40 years will soon return to Germany. Inheriting the concept of "going home", Volkswagen has moved to the brand headquarters - Germany for the first time. Wolfsburg, sharing the love for The Golf GTI with car fans. After nearly half a century of inheritance and innovation, The Golf model has now reached its eighth generation. The 24-year-old The Golf GTI is equipped with an exclusive sports suspension system and front axle electro-hydraulic limited-slip differential VAQ to provide ride comfort. It also has cornering stability. It is currently offering 40 installments with a zero interest rate of 800,000 yuan, and enjoys a fifth-year extended warranty (worth 21,900 yuan). There is also a cash car purchase plan. The Golf 230 eTSI Smart Special Edition has the IQ.DRIVE intelligent assistance system, including the Travel Assist intelligent vehicle array shuttle system and road virtual reality display function – the entry-level version protects driving safety. Get your license before December 31 to get an early bird. The preferential price is 1.098 million yuan. For the first time, 280 eTSI Style and above models have HUD projection head-up display and Harman Kardon top-level surround sound system as standard equipment (original optional price: 80,000 yuan). 280 eTSI R-Line and above models have been upgraded to adopt IQ.LIGHT smart light set: LED Matrix matrix headlights, automatic switching with DLA dynamic headlights (valued at RMB 30,000). Steffen Knapp, President of Volkswagen Taiwan, said: "Volkswagen has always focused on the driving experience and cares that consumers can enjoy more diverse driving pleasure and advanced smart technology." Consumers are welcome to come for a test drive and take this opportunity to purchase German craftsmanship. , Smooth technology control.

The three letters of GTI are a symbol of sports, passion and mechanics. Its unstoppable charm has conquered the hearts of countless car fans around the world over the years, creating the status of "the ancestor of the legendary steel cannon". Among them, the world's largest gathering of GTI cars is undoubtedly the one that started in 1982 Since the year, the annual feast – “GTI Lakeside Carnival” has been held regularly in Wörthersee, Austria. The official announcement of next year’s party has been released in advance. The theme of the event revolves around the spirit of “going home”, taking fans back to Volkswagen’s hometown – Wolfsburg, Germany. This place is not only of great significance to The Golf GTI, but also the brand. Belonging and starting point, through car gathering, Wolfsburg will also become the new home of GTI fans. In addition to arranging vehicle displays, stage performances and club exchanges, Volkswagen has also prepared many different activities and surprises, and sincerely invites car fans from all over the world to participate in this lively party.

The new 24-year-old The Golf GTI is equipped with an exclusive red water tank trim strip on the front, embossed with the exclusive GTI emblem, and a horizontal grille-type water tank guard below with exclusive X-shaped LED fog lights. The C-pillar retains its classic wide style, and the wheels The rims are made of 19-inch Adelaide aluminum alloy wheels, which not only bring novel style but also inherit the classic feelings loved by car fans. The Golf GTI is built using the MQB modular transverse engine chassis, which is both lightweight and solid and stable. It has a maximum horsepower of 245ps and a maximum torque of 37.8 kgm. It is also equipped with a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in an instant. Acceleration takes only 6.3 seconds. It is also equipped with GTI's exclusive sports suspension system, including MacPherson suspension system and anti-roll bar for the front wheels, and independent multi-link suspension system and anti-roll bars for the rear wheels. Driving You can feel the comfortable ride and stable control. It also introduces a new VDM vehicle dynamic management system to effectively control the exclusive front axle electro-hydraulic limited-slip differential VAQ to make the most appropriate distribution of the inner and outer wheels of the front axle, improve the cornering limit and give the driver a richer driving experience.

All The Golf models come standard with a central SRS airbag in the cockpit, IQ.DRIVE intelligent driving assistance system, including Front Assist front collision warning system, Travel Assist intelligent vehicle array shuttle system including road virtual reality display function, full-speed ACC active The fixed-distance cruise system, lane maintenance and departure warning system, and active lane correction assist system comprehensively protect consumers' driving safety and make driving easier and more secure.

The 230 eTSI Smart Special Edition is equipped with the IQ.DRIVE intelligent driving assistance system, including road virtual reality display function - entry version, and supports App-Connect multimedia mobile phone mirroring. Get the license before December 31 to enjoy the early bird discount price of 109.8 Ten thousand yuan, zero interest rate of 600,000 yuan, 40 installments plan and fifth-year extended warranty (valued at 28,400 yuan). In addition, the 280 eTSI Style is currently priced at 1.288 million yuan, and the 280 eTSI R-Line has a recommended price of 1.398 million yuan, and It enjoys a zero-interest rate payment plan of RMB 800,000 in 40 installments and a fifth-year extended warranty. Two new standard features are added to the 280 eTSI Style and above models: HUD projection head-up display (original option price: RMB 45,000), which can directly project vehicle speed, Navigation information and driving assistance system details are displayed on the windshield, so drivers can learn important information without looking away; Harman Kardon top-level surround sound system (original option price: 35,000 yuan) has 480 watts of output power, 10 With 12 speakers and 12 channels, rich mid-bass and multiple sound field settings, you can enjoy exquisite and melodious music while riding.

280 eTSI R-Line and above models are further upgraded with IQ.LIGHT smart light sets: LED Matrix matrix headlights and DLA dynamic headlights automatically switch (worth 30,000 yuan), which intelligently changes according to the driving environment, vehicle speed, mode and steering angle. Accurate light distribution and lighting brightness, better shading function and turning off part of the LED beam lighting when driving at night, effectively increasing driving safety.

Volkswagen has been committed to producing sophisticated and high-quality cars for many years. It uses pure German craftsmanship and smart technology to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience. It never forgets to pay attention to the emotional connection between people and cars. We also look forward to staying with car fans at Wolfsburg next summer. Unforgettable memories.

carpayment Recommended selling price
24-year-old Golf 230 eTSI Smart Special Edition 1,128,000 yuan Early bird preferential price: 1,098,000 yuan (license must be obtained before December 31)
24-year-old Golf 280 eTSI Style 1,288,000 yuan
24-year-old Golf 280 eTSI R-Line 1,398,000 yuan
2024 Golf GTI 1,758,000 yuan
24-year-old Golf R 2,138,000 yuan
About the Volkswagen brand: Volkswagen has expanded to more than 150 markets around the world and has more than 50 production sites in 14 countries. In 2022, Volkswagen sold 4.56 million vehicles of various models worldwide, including the best-selling Golf, Tiguan and Touran. Today, Volkswagen employs 198,000 employees worldwide, and has as many as 7,700 dealers and 74,000 professional colleagues to serve consumers who love the Volkswagen brand. Volkswagen continues to devote itself to automobile R&D and production, and focuses on future industry development trends. It lists electric energy, smart vehicles, and digital innovation as key development strategies for the Volkswagen brand.

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