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Volkswagen ID.2all costs 25,000 euros and does 6 things completely differently

This is the Volkswagen ID.2all: the cheap electric car of 25,000 euros with which Volkswagen will remove all your doubts about electric driving from 2025.

The Volkswagen ID.2all is simply an electric Polo. It is about the same length and width, but also 8 centimeters higher due to the battery pack in the floor. The front and rear wheels are 5 centimeters further apart, which makes it as spacious as a Golf.

From the outside, the ID.2all also looks like the Polo, but with newfangled headlights and taillights. A red light bar runs all over the back. Volkswagen promises a starting price of less than 25,000 euros, which makes the ID.2all cheaper than the cheapest Polo (26,890 euros).

Volkswagen ID.2: 6 differences with ID.3, 4 & 5

Now that the agreements with the Polo have been settled, we want to compare the ID.2all with the other electric Volkswagen models. The Volkswagen ID.3, Volkswagen ID.4 and Volkswagen ID.5 share a lot of technology, but the ID.2all does 6 things completely differently.

1. Physical buttons for ID.2all

Does it have physical buttons? That's our first thought as soon as we see the interior. And yes, Volkswagen makes us happy with a shiny dial for the volume and separate buttons for the temperature and seat heating. On the steering wheel, the annoying touch surfaces have been exchanged for rotary knobs. With the lever on the right behind the steering wheel you put the car in D, N, R or P (just like in the Volkswagen ID. Buzz). The illuminated rotary switch between the front seats is for the driving programs.

2. ID.2all will have its own MEB platform version

The ID.2all is on its own version of the MEB platform (MEB Entry). The 266 hp electric motor is located in the nose of the car and drives the front wheels. The other ID. models have the rear engine and rear wheel drive. Volkswagen also brings up the charging port; he sits diagonally in front of the co-driver.

Observant viewers will notice that the ID.2all has a rigid rear axle. Such simple chassis technology is commonplace in the B-segment, but it does mean that the electric Polo probably doesn't offer such a mature driving experience as the larger ID. models with their independent rear suspension. But that's what the price is…

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3. 'Frunk' under the back seat

The ID.2all has a hefty 440 liter trunk that grows to 1330 liters when you fold the two-piece rear seat. ID.3 with 385 to 1267 liters cannot match that.

And the ID.2all has an extra storage compartment of 50 liters: no frunk under the hood, but a compartment under the rear seat. To get to it, fold up the couch. The charging cable fits inside and you can store and charge your laptop in it.

4. 20-inch wheels for ID.2all

The ID.2all has 20-inch wheels (225/40 R20). They are huge, even by ID standards. The ID.3 and ID.4 are standard on 18-inch wheels and you have to pay extra for 20-inch alloy wheels.

5. Large instrumentation

Behind the peculiar one-spoke steering wheel is a 10.9-inch digital instrument panel. The screen is larger than we are used to from the other ID. models and it is not attached to the steering column, but to the dashboard itself. As it is, actually. The central touchscreen measures 12.9 inches diagonally, which is 0.9 inches larger than the largest touchscreen of its bigger brothers.

6. Volkswagen ID.2 price works wonders

The basic price of less than 25,000 euros is the most important feature of the ID.2all. It makes the car accessible to a large audience and it gives hope for the future of electric driving at a time when it is mainly grumbled about. The ID.2all is cheaper than Polo with 95 hp and just as strong as a Polo GTI. What else do you want? With this electric hatchback, Volkswagen removes more EV doubts than any other ID. model to date.

Bonus: prattle about charging and range ID.2all

The ID. 2all has a WLTP range of approximately 450 kilometers. We suspect that Volkswagen uses the 58 kWh battery pack for this. There is a good chance that the entry-level model of 25,000 euros will get a smaller battery. Volkswagen has a battery pack of 45 kWh in the MEB parts shelf that will take you the equivalent of 350 kilometers. We would consider that a great range for that price.

A word about fast charging: 10 to 80 percent in 20 minutes. If (if!) That's a 58 kWh battery, then the charging speed should be quite high: 125 kW from empty to full. That will be another challenge for Volkswagen, because the current ID. models cannot keep up that pace for very long.

The Volkswagen ID.2all will be launched in 2025. So wait two more years.


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