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Volunteer tree planting activity of Hetai GroupTo protect Taiwan's beautiful coast together with TOYOTA sponsored player Guo Lichun

Hetai Group gathered more than 100 colleagues to plant more than 500 saplings in Keelung Environmental Rehabilitation Park, and continued to protect the beautiful scenery on this land, "walking with the beautiful Taiwan".

Hotai Group continues to invest in the field of sustainable development, adheres to the concept of "take from the society and use it for the society", and has long been devoted to social welfare, combining internal and external resources of the group and cooperating with stakeholders to integrate and develop "people, vehicles and environment". "Three public welfare areas, and actively promote relevant public welfare actions.

Among them, Hetai Group Hetai Motor TOYOTA pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable management issues. Since April 2017, it has launched the "TOYOTA One Car One Tree" public welfare program. It has been observed that in the past 30 years, the coastline in some parts of Taiwan has retreated by 100~ 650 meters, in order to allow the next generation to have blue sky, green space, and beautiful coastline, Hetai Automobile cooperated with the Cixin Organic Agriculture Development Foundation and 10 public departments to overcome the coastal wind, high soil salinity, and frequent pollution. Due to natural disasters and harsh tree planting environment, the 3-year tree protection plan after tree planting has successfully increased the survival rate of coastal seedlings to over 90%. Over the past five years, more than 620,000 trees have been planted, reducing nearly 16,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 43 Daan Forest Parks.

Hetai Group responds to environmental public welfare with practical actions, and gathers affiliated companies and distributors (Hotai Auto, Hetai Property & Casualty, Herun Enterprise, Heyun Action Service, Hetai Toyota Material Handling, Hetai Internet, Hetai Mobile, Beidu Automobile) more than 100 employees, and also invited TOYOTA to sponsor the athlete weightlifting goddess Guo Lichun, together with the Keelung local marine science and technology museum, on September 20 in Keelung Environmental Rehabilitation Park to carry out volunteer tree planting activities, planting more than 500 saplings, together Protect Taiwan's beautiful coastline.

Hetai Group launches tree planting operation to protect Taiwan's beautiful coastline
(From left are Cheng Liyi, Director of Cixin Organic Agriculture Development Foundation, Chen Sufen, Curator of Ocean Science and Technology Museum, Guo Lichun, the goddess of weightlifting sponsored by TOYOTA, Huang Wenrui, Convenor of the Sustainable Development Committee of Hetai Group, Liu Songshan, Director of Hetai Automobile Management Headquarters, TOYOTA Liu Chuanhong, the head of the vehicle sales department, and Han Zhigang, the assistant).

The volunteer tree planting activity of Hetai Group mainly planted saplings of grouper, Pittospora, and Japanese privet, which are sand-fixing and drought-tolerant and can be greened in coastal areas. In addition to absorbing carbon dioxide, they can also conserve soil and water to prevent the continuous retreat of the Keelung coast. to achieve the goal of protecting Taiwan's coastal forests and reducing carbon emissions.

Colleagues of Hetai Group planted trees in Keelung Environmental Rehabilitation Park on 9/20 to achieve the goal of protecting Taiwan's coastal forests and reducing carbon emissions

Hetai Group will continue to develop diversified public welfare activities focusing on "people, vehicles and environment" to give back to the society. Including the "Taiwan Mobilization of Clean Beach and Plastic Reduction", which calls on people's strength, the "Toy Love Sharing" for recycling and reuse of second-hand toys, the "Protozoa Protection Project" for protecting Taiwan Shihu, and the use of the industry's mobile services to develop "yoxi Mobile Public Welfare". "Happiness Action Plan" and other public welfare activities. In the future, Hetai Group will continue to develop public welfare, actively develop ESG, expand the influence of public welfare, and "walk with a beautiful Taiwan" to create a better environment and life for Taiwan!

Hetai Group "Walking with Beautiful Taiwan" to create a better environment and life for Taiwan


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