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W12 pays last tribute to Bentley Speed ​​Edition 12

●Based on the Speed ​​model, the last special commemoration of the W12 engine

The W12 engine is expected to be discontinued in April next year, and will continue to develop towards pure electricity in the future

●All car owners will receive an additional aluminum engine model as an alternative collection

●Introduction time: under evaluation

With the evolution trend of the overall power system, the large-displacement multi-cylinder engine is almost the last mile, and Bentley also officially announced that the W12 engine with a total production of more than 100,000 units will end its production work in April 2024. In order to show the essence of the W12 engine, the Speed ​​Edition 12 series models were launched accordingly. Four Speed ​​Edition 12 models including Bentayga, Flying Spur, and Continental GT/GTC will be limited to 120 units respectively.

20 years after the launch of the W12 engine with the restart of Bentley, it will officially leave the stage and leave a glorious page in the history of the car industry.

The appearance of the Speed ​​Edition 12 series special car will have a new Opalite light gray-green color as a unique choice, and the car paint has a metallic copper-colored reflective effect under the light, bringing a completely different visual feature. The exterior part will also be uniformly matched with 22-inch black tire beads with a horizontal factory logo mechanism and Blackline black paint kit; the interior of the car will adopt black and white color matching as the main match, and attach silver piping and Edition 12 embroidery patterns produced by the Muliner department . Moreover, a large number of 12 badges are used in the car, and the ignition sequence of W12 cylinders is attached to the decorative panel of the console passenger area to highlight the various design ingenuities and inspirations of the whole car based on the W12 engine.

The interior of the car is mainly black and white, and a lot of 12 design elements are used as a special design.
The console plus the ignition sequence of W12 can be regarded as adding some unique performance and a deep impression of engine operation in addition to the usual elegance.

The power output of the special car will adopt the strongest power setting of the current W12 engine in conventional production, which can provide a maximum horsepower of 659hp, and can have a powerful torque of more than 91kgm at a low speed of 1500rpm. Since the release of the W12 engine, the overall The power performance has increased by 37% in horsepower and 54% in torque, but the emissions have also been reduced by as much as 25%. In addition to the vehicle, the owner will also receive a 15% engine model of the real engine, which is cast from the same aluminum alloy material as the engine, and will be one of the best souvenirs for the owner.

In addition to the special version and the last dance of the W12 engine, Bentley still carries out minor styling updates on regular Continental models, mainly adjusting more fashionable and luxurious vehicle detail accessories for the newly added Azure series in recent years, such as the modification of the water tank shield. The straight grille is treated with chrome-plated trim, and the long-pile interior floor mats made of 100% wool are replaced. The standard nylon floor mats are also replaced with recycled materials; in addition, the Speed ​​​​car series is also updated simultaneously, and the Flying Spur is replaced with classic Mesh metal guard, and newly added granite Hui appearance accessories and Topaz Blue car color.

The Continental model has also undergone minor styling updates recently, mainly adjusting more fashionable and luxurious vehicle detail accessories for the newly added Azure series in recent years.

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