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Water Honda SoulTaiwan Honda Enters Outboard Motors

Since Honda Taiwan was established in China in 2003, in addition to the continuous operation and development of the second- and fourth-wheel businesses, it has also established a power product business unit in 2018, introducing agricultural machines, generators, cutting machines to the country. Power products such as lawn mowers and water pumps to meet the more needs of consumers in work and life. Now, in order to further expand services and deepen the management of local brands, it has officially announced that from August this year, it will invest in the import and sales of Honda Marine outboard engines, and the local corporation Honda Taiwan will directly manage the sales of outboard engines.

In the global automobile and motorcycle industry, the Honda brand definitely occupies an important place, especially under the "dream" belief of the founder Soichiro Honda. Regarding the use of the "engine", it is all within the scope of its dream hunting. Therefore, in addition to automobiles and locomotives, it also includes Hondajet small commercial aircraft, outboards, and generators, lawn mowers, water pumps and farming machines that are included in Honda power products. Among them, the outboard motor business has always been sold by agents in China, but in view of the fact that the number of domestic yachts has increased by 10 times in recent years, and there are more than 200 fishing ports and shipbuilding and other booming oceans Therefore, under this business opportunity, Taiwan Honda decided to invest in the outboard motor business in Taiwan, hoping to expand in the future to gain more Honda fans and fans. In addition to launching the outboard sales business, Taiwan Honda also specially invited many domestic automobile and motorcycle media to go to the left bank of Bali to experience the driving performance of the two outboards, and actually feel the galloping charm of the Honda soul on the water.

After the fifth year of investing in the power product business in China, President Takaoka of Taiwan Honda announced that he will add a new outboard motor sales business in China to further expand the consumer base of water-related industries.

Outboards built with car engines

The Honda Marine outboard engine has been highly recognized and praised by consumers around the world under the three major product strengths of "low emission", "energy saving and fuel saving" and "low noise", especially in accordance with Honda Soichiro's "machine running on water" , should not pollute the water", so it implements the purpose of only producing four-stroke engines that are friendly to humans and the environment. For example, in 1992, it came out with the BF8 engine and passed the first stage of the world's strictest environmental regulations on Lake Bodden at that time. In the following ten years, it continued to invest in research and development and worked with F1 engineers to build the world's first four-stroke BF90 engine based on the Civic engine. Subsequently, the BF130 engine was built on the basis of Accord's four-cylinder engine; it was developed on the basis of the V6 3.5-liter engine of the American standard Odyssey, and the BF225 engine equipped with the automobile VTEC technology was used for the first time, which perfectly demonstrated the low-speed range to high-speed range. Fully release the torque and realize the fearless galloping power of sea cruising.

BF90D, BF250D DBW trial ship experience

The water test ride this time is mainly to provide two ships equipped with BF90D and BF250D DBW engines for the media to experience. Among them, the BF90D engine represents a maximum horsepower of 90hp. Its body is derived from the 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder design of the third-generation Fit, and is equipped with the signature VTEC variable valve timing and lift electronic control system and lean burn technology. The lower part is combined with a high-efficiency tail engine gearbox. The BF90D demonstration boat is a four-seater small recreational speedboat. I saw that the lightweight speedboat galloped forward briskly and vigorously under the hard operation of the outboard engine, and even made an exciting high-pitched engine sound when running at high speed. , quite enjoyable.

The BF90D outboard engine is derived from the 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine carried by the third-generation Fit, and has the signature VTEC variable valve timing and lift electronic control system, which can output a maximum horsepower of 90hp.
The speedboat tested is equipped with a BF90D outboard motor with 90hp horsepower. Under the light hull, the entire acceleration response can be said to be both brisk and energetic.

The other BF250D DBW outboard engine with higher horsepower is mounted on the head of a larger medium-sized fishing boat. This engine has a strong power of 250hp, and its body is derived from the flagship RV Legend. With a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine, it also has VTEC variable valve timing technology. Actually driving on the water, it can be found that this engine has the delicate and quiet characteristics of the V6 engine, especially when driving a small fishing boat, it is still more than easy to drive, and even when the power is increased at high speed, people have the excitement of riding the wind and waves The pleasure and enjoyment level is higher than that of the BF90D, giving people a completely different feeling and experience of the test boat than the test car.

The BF250D DBW outboard engine is modified from the 3.5-liter V6 engine mounted on the Legend flagship RV. Under the VTEC and lean burn technology, it has a maximum horsepower output of 250hp.
The medium-sized fishing boat is equipped with a 250hp BF250D DBW outboard motor, which not only accelerates strongly and powerfully, but also has the unique delicate and quiet running characteristics of the V6 engine.

Honda outboard motor standard

model BF250D DBW BF90D Mechanical Control
engine type Four stroke SOHC V6 24V Four stroke SOHC L4 16V
Exhaust volume 3583c.c. 1496c.c.
Bore X Stroke 89 X 96mm 73 X 89mm
maximum horsepower 250hp/5800rpm 90hp/5800rpm
Dimensions (L/W/H) 948/660/1916mm 742/459/1703mm
weight 282kg 172kg
selling price About 780,000 yuan including control agencies About 300,000 to 400,000 yuan including the control mechanism
If the BF250D DBW outboard engine is selected to be matched with the DBW electronic control system, it can provide better and more accurate throttle and steering response.


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