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Welcome to the new era of the brand. Movement that inspires. Inspiring The Picanto, the sales champion of the same level, has a new 2022-style equipment upgrade, and 549,000 will be the first to appear on stage!

The Picanto, Kia's most eye-catching fashion safety car, has repeatedly achieved good sales performance with its outstanding product strength since its introduction. Looking back at January-November 2021, The Picanto continued to win the championship of the same level of imported small car sales with 1,423 units (Note 1)! Following the official announcement of the Kia brand entering a new era, Kia is the general agent of Taiwan Senna Taking advantage of the victory, Mekia officially announced today (16th) the new model specifications and equipment of the new 2022-style The Picanto, and officially announced that it will be the first to take the stage with an order price of 549,000! Fashion and safety hatchback The Picanto has three product DNAs of "confident CONFIDENT, proud PROUD, and free". It has always been in the same class with its personalized appearance and super high-level safety equipment. This time, the new 22-year style The Picanto has been introduced. The new GT-line model is more luxurious and upgraded with the Urban+ electric foreground sunroof. The X-line model is also upgraded based on perfect safety technology and equipment, adding a number of active safety equipment, once again setting the hatchback car class distance benchmark, letting the fun life fully unfold !

Under the core spirit of the brand-new brand "Movement that inspires?? Inspiring people", the general agent of Kia Taiwan, Sime Darby Kia will continue to introduce more bold, original and innovative new-generation car models in the future, bringing simplicity, intuition, and simplicity to car owners. The integrated driving experience, with all-round brand transformation, will surprise the domestic auto industry!

Kia's general agent of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia introduced the new 2022-style fashion safety car The Picanto, and upgraded safety technology and equipment. Starting from 549,000, it will be the first to appear on the stage.

confidenceCONFIDENTFashionPerfect combination of style and advanced equipment

In terms of appearance design, Kia, with its innovative design aesthetics, has won numerous international automotive awards since its release. Kia Picanto has also won the 2018 Reddot Design Award and the iF Design Award. This award is affirmed. The Picanto inherits the design vocabulary of the new generation family. The front of the car is equipped with a Kia tiger-shaped water tank cover. Through the three-dimensional chrome trim, it is integrated with the headlights. It is equipped with a projection lamp set and a four-point LED daytime running light to create fashion. The extraordinary style of the car. The visual focus of the rear of the car is constructed on the M-shaped LED taillights and shark fin antennas, making The Picanto present a trendy and reckless sporty character.Personalized styles can be displayed on both GT-line and X-line. The front air dam of GT-line uses a large central air inlet with GT-line exclusive aerodynamic diversion holes on both sides and aerodynamic guide. The side skirt trim strips and the double-out square tail trim tube at the rear of the car show the sporty atmosphere of a metropolitan car. X-line uses a large fog silver painted front air dam, stacked with black and silver scratch-resistant materials, and two side scratch-resistant trim strips and wheel arches, while the rear of the vehicle is shaped with a three-dimensional double-out square tailpipe. , Presenting X-line's unique and diverse style and style characteristics.

The Picanto's interior is stacked with diversified materials to show a richly textured atmosphere. It uses the same D-Cut steering wheel, leather gearshift head, and aluminum alloy accelerator/brake pedals, which are the same as the flagship coupe Stinger. The design and equipment level of cars in the same class. Not only that, X-line and GT-line show their individuality through different combinations: X-line uses green gradient lines to enrich the gray and white paint door trim version, which echoes the green stitching of the black and gray two-color leather seats; GT-line The black door trim is drawn with red lines, and the black and red two-color leather chairs and red stitching create a sporty running style.

The new 2022-style The Picanto GT-line, and the luxurious upgrade Urban+ electric foreground sunroof, adds comfort and luxury to the car. In order to create diversified personal style choices for car owners, The Picanto provides 5 car colors, 3 exterior styles, and 4 interior styles to satisfy young people who want to show themselves.

In terms of smart technology, in order to provide car owners with a high-tech digital experience, all Kia Picanto cars are equipped with a 4.2-inch full-color integrated smart journey computer, with a floating 8-inch multimedia audio-visual touch system, and support for wireless Apple CarPlay.TM / Android AutoTM, Provides the most intuitive and smooth operation interface for driving. In addition, The Picanto is also equipped with a Smart Key smart sensor remote control key, an automatic constant temperature air-conditioning system, and a light sensor automatic opening and closing headlights, bringing more convenient and caring experience to car owners.

The Picanto's interior is stacked with diversified materials to show a rich spatial atmosphere. The 2022 GT-line model is luxuriously upgraded with Urban+ electric foreground sunroof, adding a sense of luxury to the car.

PridePROUDSecurity technology evolves

The new 2022-style The Picanto not only comes standard with the fully evolved DRIVE WiSE smart safety assist system, FCW front car collision warning system, and FCA front active brake assist system. Guard the safety of passengers in the back seat.

The Picanto X-line 2022 model is equipped with high-standard active safety equipment this time even more. In addition to the new ROA rear seat passenger warning system for the entire car series, it is also equipped with FCA front active brake assist (increased pedestrian detection) , LFA advanced lane maintenance assist system (full speed domain), LKA lane maintenance assist system, DAW driving fatigue warning system, and fixed speed/speed limit system, adding an extra guarantee for driving safety. In terms of passive safety, The Picanto is also in the same class. In addition to the use of more than 44% of AHSS advanced high-strength steel for the body structure, it is also equipped with the 7 SRS auxiliary airbags that are standard in the entire car series, giving The Picanto a safety level that is ahead of the same class of cars. .

The Picanto X-line 2022 model, active safety is fully upgraded, adding FCA front active brake assist (increased pedestrian detection), LFA advanced lane maintenance assist system (full speed range), DAW driving fatigue warning system, and fixed Speed ​​limit system, etc.

freeFREE Energy saving and driving pleasure

The Picanto uses the New 1.2 MPI engine, with an electronic sequential transmission system (5-speed automatic transmission), which can output a maximum horsepower of 84 ps and a maximum torque of 12.0 kg-m, driving The Picanto, which weighs only about 1,000 kg, not only with ease. , Provides the smooth kinetic energy and acceleration response in line with daily driving. The Picanto is equipped with an electronic sequential transmission system (5-speed automatic transmission), and has many advantages such as high transmission efficiency, rapid shifting, and durability. In addition, with its 1,197cc displacement, The Picanto not only enjoys tax advantages, but also has an excellent energy-saving performance with an average fuel consumption of 18.3 km/l (Note 2), which combines driving pleasure and energy-saving performance.

The Picanto, with a compact body size, has a minimum turning radius of only 4.7 meters, and is equipped with an MDPS electronic power assisted steering wheel. In terms of daily car performance, the interior space of The Picanto cannot be underestimated. It not only has 255 liters of luggage compartment space, but can be expanded to 1,010 liters through the 6/4 split seat. The Picanto's thoughtful equipment is also arrogant to its competitors, including flexible cup holders, central armrests, and multiple storage spaces, so that the occupants in the same car can also be taken care of.

brand new22YearsKia The Picanto 54.9Wanqi easy start

The brand new 2022 Kia The Picanto, which integrates the new generation of design aesthetics and combines outstanding, energy-saving, power and safety technology, will officially start taking orders from 549,000 from now on, which will bring car owners more confidence, pride, and integrity than before. Freedom and enrich the fun life of consumers! The general agent of Kia Taiwan Sime Darby Kia, sincerely invites all consumers to visit the major exhibition centers in Taiwan to experience the unique charm of The Picanto, a fashionable and safe metropolitan car, and the brand spirit of the brand new Kia "Movement that inspires?? Inspiring people" .

Note 1: The accumulative number of licenses issued by the supervision office from January to November 2021 shall prevail. Cars in the same class are limited to the following models: Suzuki Ignis, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Baleno, Mazda 2, VW Polo

Note 2: The average fuel consumption value of The Picanto colorful version is 18.3km/l

Note 3: The pictures in the press release are original materials. Please refer to the actual car for the actual car color and specifications.

The suggested price of The Picanto in 2022, effective from now:


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