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Welcome to the summer international travel boom, SUBARU's August car purchase discounts are highly praised and add codeYou can enjoy 998,000 super-value discounts when you enter the designated SUV models, and then enjoy the midsummer FUN heart play 3 great gifts

To welcome the arrival of the summer international travel boom, purchasing an extremely safe car is definitely the key to full of beautiful travel memories. To this end, SUBARU launched a variety of car purchase discount programs in August. When you enter the designated SUV models, you can enjoy a discounted price of 998,000 yuan, and then you can enjoy 3 grand prizes in the midsummer fun, hoping to allow more consumers to easily buy The main SUBARU's top safety SUV models, enjoy a peaceful and pleasant midsummer vacation!

From August 1st to August 31st, all 22-year-old SUV models such as SUBARU's 22-year-old XV, Forester, and Outback can enjoy a 5-year or 120,000-kilometer original factory warranty. Travel XV has launched a special price of 998,000 yuan, and you can also enjoy 3 great gifts in the midsummer fun: 360-degree surround view imaging system, XV exclusive intelligent driving recorder, ultraviolet negative ion air filter, let consumption With the most substantial discounts, players can easily enjoy the safest imported cross-border leisure travel within one million. The Forester, a sports and leisure travel company that has always taken protecting the safety of the whole family as its primary condition, will not only enjoy 900,000 48 issues of high 0 interest rate car purchase discounts, but also a 360-degree surround view imaging system. SUBARU's luxury flagship leisure travel Outback has also continued to launch car purchase discounts, with a discounted price of 1.498 million yuan and a high 0 interest rate for 900,000 36 installments of designated car models.

Irreplaceable ultimate safety belief, the first choice for purchasing top safe recreational vehicles imported from Japan

SUBARU always adheres to the irreplaceable ultimate safety belief, insists on spending twice as much time as others, and creates the best safety car model in its class through the pure and excellent car-making craftsmanship in Japan. , it also meets the highest safety standards in active and passive safety technology; in addition to the standard "EyeSight intelligent driving safety assistance system" that uses dual-lens detection stereo imaging as standard, it covers ACC active distance control cruise control system, PCB collision prevention automatic Braking system, LDW/LSW lane departure and yaw assist system, PCTM anti-collision throttle control system and LVSA front vehicle departure warning system, etc., are equipped with six functions, and are also equipped with high-rigidity ring cabin steel beams, rear door engagement pins, diving More than 100 safety equipments, such as the design of the modern engine, fully protect the driving safety of the passengers in the car. In the 2022 IIHS safety assessment results, SUBARU XV received the best score of "Good" in the front small-area offset impact test, front general offset impact test, side impact test, roof strength and headrest protection test The SUBARU XV has both a stylish appearance and driving safety.

Since 2013, SUBARU's models have surpassed other car brands by a large margin, and have won 63 Top Safety Pick + Advanced Safety First Choice in the IIHS safety evaluation. The Forester has won this honor for 16 consecutive years. The unshakable safety image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!

In terms of technology, the key to the SUBARU model being able to stand out from its competitors is that it is equipped with the only "SAWD symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive", "Boxer horizontally opposed engine", and "EyeSight intelligent driving safety with dual-lens detection". The Forester and Outback are also equipped with exclusive advanced technologies such as the "DMS Intelligent Driving Warning System". Not only that, SUBARU's SUV models are also equipped with "Multi-mode X-MODE Relief Technology with HDC Steep Descent System" and "SAWD Symmetrical Full-Time Four-Wheel Drive" to drive on rough roads such as mud and sand. It can also easily get out of trouble and walk on the ground. With both safety and off-road performance, consumers can enjoy light off-road fun and experience a unique outdoor life.

SUBARU's August car purchase promotions will start in full swing from now on. After Taiwan's Yimei Automobile actively strives for the original Japanese factory, the cross-border tide travel SUBARU XV has arrived in Hong Kong in large numbers. SUBARU invites you to visit the exhibition center in Taiwan to appreciate Car, start your exciting adventure with your beloved family now!


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